White Ships from Valinor, by Ted Nasmith (cropped)

Oromet shown behind the city of Andúnië, as depicted by Ted Nasmith

Oromet was a hill in the Andustar region of Númenor.

It was located close to the shoreline in the utmost west of the region, near the haven of Andúnië.[1]


Being as high and as close as Men could get to the Undying Lands without a ship, Tar-Minastir, who longed for the lands, built a high tower on the hill.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic أوروميت
Belarusian Cyrillic Оромет
Georgian ორომეტ
Greek Ορόμετ
Gujarati ઓરોમેટ
Hebrew אורומט
Hindi ओरोम्ऐत
Kannada ಒರೊಮೆಟ್
Korean 오로메트
Russian Оромет
Macedonian Cyrillic Оромет
Marathi ऑरोमेट
Nepalese ओरोमेट
Punjabi ਓਰੋਮੇਟ
Serbian Оромет (Cyrillic) Oromet (Latin)
Sinhalese ඔරොමෙට්
Tamil ஓர்மட்
Telugu ఓరొమెట్
Urdu اورومیٹ
Yiddish אָראָמעט


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