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Dark hilt - TRoP

The Orc Sigil Hilt as found by Theo

The Orc Sigil Hilt,[1] or simply the Hilt,[1] was a mysterious sword-hilt discovered by Men of the Southlands during the Second Age, in the continuity of Amazon Studios' The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.


The Orc Sigil Hilt was said to be forged by Morgoth himself, in days when the Southlanders' ancestors swore allegiance to him. Its history was unknown for many years, until Waldreg came into possession of it, and kept it under the floor of his barn. Around this time, the mysterious figure Adar began searching for it, enslaving many Men and Elves in this endeavor.

Hilt's magic - TRoP

The Orc Sigil Hilt "extending" to its full length

Eventually, Theo found it by chance and stole it, and discovered that the Hilt "fed" on the blood of its wielder, which caused it to extend to its full length by dark magic. Theo used the Hilt to escape the Orc Vrath when foraging for supplies in the abandoned Tirharad, for the Orcs evidently recognized and feared it.[2] Theo soon revealed the Orc Sigil Hilt to Arondir, who recognized it as a form of key, though he was unsure of its purpose. Arondir then revealed that the Watchtower of Ostirith was, despite its newer Elven addition, of evil origins, and contained a stone carving of the Orc Sigil Hilt.[3]

Waldreg uses the hilt - TRoP

Waldreg using the Orc Sigil Hilt for its intended purpose

Adar, who knew its true usage, acquired it after subduing Tirharad's denizens and threatening to kill Theo's mother Bronwyn, forcing the boy to give the Hilt over. Adar, hearing the sudden onset of Númenórean cavalry coming to Tirharad's aid, gave the Hilt to his new servant Waldreg, created a decoy to keep. While Galadriel and Halbrand pursued Adar, believing him to have the Hilt, Waldreg returned it to Ostirith. He used it by extending it to its full length, inserting the Orc Sigil Hilt into a crevice, and turning, starting a mechanism that opened the dam holding back the lake behind the watchtower. The waters poured through the channels and tunnels dug by Adar's laborers, leading into the base of Orodruin and igniting a violent eruption, covering all the Southlands in ash.[4]