Ondostó was a city in southern Forostar in Númenor.[1]


It was situated on an important road that ran from Rómenna all the way to the city of Andúnië and may have been associated with the stone that was quarried in the region.[2][3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Armenian Օնդոստո
Belarusian Cyrillic Ондосто
Bulgarian Cyrillic Ондосто
Georgian ონდოსთო
Gujarati ઓન્ડોસ્તો
Hebrew אונדוסטו
Hindi ओन्दोस्तो
Japanese オンドスト
Kannada ಒಂಡೋಸ್ಟೊ
Kazakh Ондосто (Cyrillic) Ondosto (Latin)
Korean 온도 스토
Macedonian Cyrillic Ондосто
Marathi ओंडोस्टो
Mongolian Cyrillic Ондосто
Nepalese ओन्डोस्टो
Persian اندوستو
Punjabi ਓਨਡੋਸਟੋ
Russian Ондосто
Serbian Ондосто (Cyrillic) Ondosto (Latin)
Sinhalese ඔන්ඩොස්ටෝ
Tajik Cyrillic Ондосто
Tamil ஒண்டோஸ்ட்டோ
Telugu ఒన్దొస్తొ
Ukrainian Cyrillic Ондостро
Urdu اوندوستو
Yiddish אָנדאָסטאָ


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