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Ondonórë Nómesseron Minaþurië, also written as Ondonóre Nómesseron Minaþurie,[1] was a treatise that was written by an unknown author on the origin of names in Gondor.[2]

While it was forgotten when Ondonórë Nómesseron Minaþurië was written, the preserved fragments of the treatise contained "internal evidence" that the author at least "lived as far back as the reign of Meneldil" because there is no mention of any events after his reign.[2]

In the text, the author revealed that while "Sindarin was not well-known to" the people who made up the place-names, they all desired to learn "some knowledge of it". As such, many of the existing Pre-Númenórean names were adapted to Sindarin. Despite this, they wrote important documents in Quenya.[2]

Two of the older names mentioned to have been adapted were Arnen and Arnach, though the author of Ondonórë Nómesseron Minaþurië did not believe that their shared prefix arn came from the same Pre-Númenórean language.[2]

In later years, while much was lost, many fragments of Ondonórë Nómesseron Minaþurië survived even to the Fourth Age.[2]


Ondonórë Nómesseron Minaþurië is a Quenya name meaning "Enquiry into the Place-names of Gondor",[2] containing the words Ondonórë ("Gondor, (lit.) Stone Land"), nómessë ("Place-name"), and minasurië ("enquiry, research").[1]


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