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Olga was a woman who lived in Lake-town.

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As the dragon Smaug flies out to destroy Lake-town for Thorin II Oakenshield, his company of Dwarves association with the intruders, Olga was among the survivors that escaped the destruction while Bard the Bowman, a descendant of Lord Girion who failed to kill Smaug, managed to fire the last Black Arrow upon the beast, killing him. After accepting Bard as their King for slaying the dragon, Olga and all survivors sought refuge in the ruined city of Dale, the place that was deserted for many years while the mountain was still under the control of Smaug. She later volunteered in serving in Bard's army where they ally with Thranduil's army to claim some of the treasure that was kept in the mountain. However, their plan failed when Azog the Defiler led his legion of Guldur Orcs to attack the Lonely Mountain. She fought in the Battle of Five Armies between the Lonely Mountain and Dale and was killed.

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