The Olórë Mallë also known as the Path of Dreams was path made by the Vala Lorien from Valinor and Middle-earth.


At the bidding of Manwë, who was grieved by the Hiding of Valinor, Lorien, the Master of Dreams and Visions, created the Path of Dreams, which was a place beyond the mortal realm which connected Middle-earth and Valinor through the dream. When the Children of Ilúvatar sleep, their spirit is guided by Lorien to his gardens, which was the fairest place in the world, and there they rest until Lorien returns them to their bodies when morning arrives or when they need to wake up. The Olórë Mallë was a lane of deep banks and great overhanging hedges, beyond which stood many tall trees wherein a perpetual whisper seemed to live. Great glow-worms, not the dark glow-worms that roam some parts of Middle-earth, crept about its grassy borders. At the end of the lane stood a high gate of lattice-work that shone golden in the dusk. The gate opened up to winding paths leading into the fairest of all the gardens, the Gardens of Lorien. In The Lord of the Rings, Legolas was seen sleeping but still fully aware of his surroundings. This happens because his mind was in the waking dream of the Olórë Mallë. The only time mortals can see the beauty of Valinor and of the Gardens of Lorien was when they sleep and their spirits travel the Olórë Mallë.[citation needed]

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