Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin is the first chapter of Part One of Unfinished Tales.

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This chapter of Tuor, a mortal, getting into the hidden Elven city of Gondolin. The story began in Dor-lómin. Rían, wife of Huor, had just given birth to a son, who she named Tuor. When Rían learned of Huor's death during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, she went into the wilderness to weep for him, and was never seen again. Tuor was left with the Ñoldor of Dor-lómin, and he grew up with them.

When he was sixteen years of age he left to seek Turgon, the King of Gondolin. He was able to find one of Ulmo's rivers and follow it down to the Great Sea. He tarried there a while, but after some swans showed him a sign that he had stayed too long, he went south. There he found an old, ruinous road, which led to Vinyamar, Turgon's old home. Soon thereafter, Ulmo himself appeared to Tuor and requested that he find Turgon. Tuor then found Voronwë, a mariner that had once sought the havens of Círdan. He was originally from Gondolin, and he promised to lead Tuor there. After a long journey they found the first of the Seven Gates of Gondolin. They were led through the seven gates in order: Gate of Wood, Gate of Stone, Gate of Bronze, Gate of Writhen Iron, Gate of Silver, Gate of Gold, and Gate of Steel. Finally they entered Gondolin, and there the chapter ends.

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Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Armenian Թրոնը և նրա այցը դեպի Հոնդոլին
Bulgarian Cyrillic За Туор и неговото пристигане в Гондолин
Catalan Sobre Tuor i la seva arribada a Gondolin
Chinese 關於圖爾及貢多林
Croatian O Tuoru i njegovu olasku u Gondolin
Czech O Tuorovi a jeho příchodu do Gondolinu
Danish Om Tuor og hans kommer at Gondolin
Finnish Tuorista ja hänen tulostaan Gondoliniin
French De Tuor et de sa venue à Gondolin
Galician De Tuor e a súa chegada a Gondolin
Georgian ტუორსა და მის გონდოლინში მისვლაზე
German Von Tuor und seiner Ankunft in Gondolin
Greek Ο Τούορ και ο ερχομός του στην Γκοντόλιν
Hebrew סיפור טואור ובואו לגונדולין
Hungarian Tuor Gondolinba jöveteléről
Italian Tuor e il suo arrivo a Gondolin
Japanese トゥオルおよびかれがゴンドリンを訪れたこと
Korean 투오르와 그가 곤돌린에 옴에 대하여
Norwegian Om Tuor og hans komme til Gondolin
Polish O Tuorze i jego przybyciu do Gondolinu
Portuguese De Tuor e Sue Chegada a Gondolin
Romanian Despre Tuor și sosirea lui în Gondolin
Russian О Туоре и его приходе в Гондолин
Serbian О Туору и његовом доласку у Гондолин (Cyrillic) O Tuoru i njegovom dolasku u Gondolin (Latin)
Spanish De Tuor y su llegada a Gondolin
Swedish Hur Tuor kom till Gondolin
Thai ว่าด้วยทูออร์ และการมาถึงกอนโดลิน
Turkish Tuor ve Gondolin'e Varışı hakkında
Ukrainian Cyrillic Про Туора і його прихід в Гондолін
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