The North of Middle-earth was an icy and cold region due to the exploits and deprivations of Melkor.

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Before the End of the First Age Edit

Cold, desolate, barren and mostly lifeless like its master, the North consisted of a vast flat and frozen wasteland that stretched from the Helcaraxë to the Orocarni mountains and was bordered by hundreds of miles of high and perilous mountains.

Just outside the mountains lie the fortress/prison of Angband and Thangorodrim and in the Far East the ruins of Melkor's former dwelling of Utumno.

After the First Age Edit

Nearly half of this region was destroyed in the War of Wrath, the remnant was a large Cape, a large inlet bay, and a vast wasteland known as the Forodwaith.

History Edit

The north originated with Melkor who made it his land during the Years of the Lamps. There was delved Utumno which remained his dwelling until his defeat in the War of the Powers. The area was desolate afterwards and then was partially destroyed after the War of Wrath. Years afterward in the land of Forochel. Primitive tribes of Men came to live there thriving for many thousands of years. One of these tribes hosted Arvedui, the last King of Arthedain before his death.

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