Nindamos was considered the chief settlement of the fishermen of Númenor, in the south of the island.


It was set amongst the marshes at the mouth of the River Siril.[1]

Nindamos was the largest of several small villages scattered throughout the Hyarnustar and Hyarrostar regions of Númenor.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese 寧達墨斯
Bulgarian Cyrillic Ниндамос
Georgian ნინდამოსი
Gujarati નિંદમોસ
Hebrew נינדאמוס
Hindi निंडामोस
Japanese ニンダモス
Kannada ನಿಂಡಾಮೋಸ್
Russian Ниндамос
Ukrainian Cyrillic Ніндамос


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