Nicolas Mezzalira (born 1978) is a French literary lecturer and professional story-teller who appears in four episodes of Olivier Simonnet's 2014 mini-series Looking for the Hobbit.

He is known as an expert in the tales of King Arthur, and in 2008 became the director of the Centre de l'imaginaire arthurien ('Center of Arthurian Imagination') based in Rennes, France. In Looking for the Hobbit, Tolkien-illustrator John Howe finds him at a castle in Alsace, France telling of the magician Merlin, and over the course of the series Mezzalira provides the account of Uther Pendragon and his son King Arthur. He and Howe explore many places in Europe of Medieval significance, to learn of some of J.R.R. Tolkien's inspirations.

Mezzalira is currently involved in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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