Nen Lalaith was a stream in Dor-lómin.

It came from under the Amon Darthir and flowed past the house of Húrin in southeastern Dor-lómin.[1][2] According to The Atlas of Middle-earth, it was just over twenty-five miles in length and continued flowing northwestward towards the central part of Dor-lómin.[3]


Nen Lalaith was bridged during Fingon's rule as High King of the Ñoldor in Hithlum. In Túrin's childhood, he could recall seeing the High King for the first time, when he and his lords crossed it clad in glittering silver and white.[4][2] The stream was best known for being the name (Lalaith) that the household of Húrin called the young daughter of Húrin and sister of Túrin, Urwen or better known as 'Lalaith'.[2]


Nen Lalaith was Sindarin for 'Water Laughter'[5][6].


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ኘን ላላኢጥ
Arabic نين لالايته
Armenian Նեն Լալաիտհ
Belarusian Cyrillic Нен Лалаітh
Bengali ণেন লাল্ঐথ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Нен Лалаитх
Chinese (Hong Kong) 寧拉蕾絲河
Dari نهن لالایته
Greek Νεν Λαλαιθ
Georgian ნენ ლალაითი
Gujarati ણેન ળલ્ઐથ
Hebrew ןין לאלאיתה ?
Hindi णेन ळल्ऐथ
Kannada ನೆನ್ ಲಲೈಥ್
Kurdish نه‌ن لالایته (Arabic script) Nen Lalayth (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Нэн Лалаитh
Macedonian Cyrillic Нен Лалаитх
Marathi णेन ळल्ऐथ
Mongolian Cyrillic Нен Лалаитh
Nepalese णेन ळल्ऐथ
Pashto نېن لالایته
Persian نهن لالایته
Sinhalese ණෙන් ළල්ඓථ්
Tajik Cyrillic Нен Лалаитҳ
Tamil ணெந் லல்ஐத்ஹ்
Telugu ణెన ళలైథ
Tibetan ནེན ལལིཏཐ​
Tigrinya ኘን ላላኢጥ
Thai ณเน ละละิธ ?
Sanskrit णेन् ळल्ऐथ्
Serbian Нен Лалаитх (Cyrillic) Nen Lalaith (Latin)
Ukrainian Cyrillic Нен Лалаітг
Urdu ںےن لالایته
Uyghur نەن لالاىتھ
Uzbek Нен Лалаитҳ (Cyrillic) Nen Lalaith (Latin)
Yiddish נען לאַלאַיטה

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