An angry Neekerbreeker in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Neekerbreekers were the loud, cricket-like insects of the Midgewater Marshes. They were named by Samwise Gamgee.


The origin of these creatures is unknown. The Neekerbreekers were first recorded to have been heard in the Midgewater Marshes when Strider led the hobbits to Weathertop in TA 3018. There in the marshes, the group decided to make camp, though as night fell, most of the group found themselves unable to sleep because of the "Neekerbreekers," as Sam called them.[1]

It is possible that these creatures were Katydids, or a similar locust from the Acrididae family.


The name Neekerbreekers comes from the "neek-breek breek-neek" sound emitted by the creatures.

Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ኘአከርብሬከርስ
Arabic نييكيربرييكيرس
Armenian Նէկերբրէկերս
Bengali নিকেরবারীকের্স
Bulgarian Cyrillic Никеркеркърс
Finnish Skikirikittäjät
French Nicbricqueurs
Georgian ჭრიჭკრიკები
German Zirperkirper
Greek Νεεκερβρεεκερσ
Gujarati નેકરબ્રીકર્સ
Hebrew ןייכירברייכירס
Hindi णेएकेर्ब्रेएकेर्स
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Нээкэрбрээкэрс
Macedonian Cyrillic Неекербреекерс
Malayalam നെക്കാബീക്ക്രിക്സേഴ്സ്
Marathi नेकर्सब्रिकर्स
Nepalese णेएकेर्ब्रेएकेर्स
Persian نههکهربرههکهرس ?
Portuguese (Brazil) Crique-craques
Punjabi ਨਿੱਕਰਬਰਕਰਜ਼
Russian Кровопросцы
Sanskrit णेएकेर्ब्रेएकेर्स्
Serbian Неекербреекерс (Cyrillic) Neekerbreekers (Latin)
Sinhalese ණේකෙර්බ්‍රේකෙර්ස්
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Niquebriques
Tajik Cyrillic Некирбрееклер
Tamil நீக்கீர்பிரேக்கேர்ஸ்
Telugu నీకెర్బరీకేర్స్
Ukrainian Cyrillic Неемербреемери
Yiddish נעעקערברעעקערס


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