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Nari was a Dwarven leader of the Iron Hills during the Third Age.

Portrayal in adaptations

Nari travelled with Bori, Gloin, Glorfindel, Faldor and Fari over the High Pass. Nari was a proud dwarf, as he is stout and strong, he delved the mines with his Dwarven folk. He met Thranduil and Haldir in 3019 as they were preparing to assault the Orc camp on the borders of Lorien. Nari was also among the Dwarves that went to the Grey Havens with Dain to aid Cirdan against a Corsair invasion. He was killed by Drogoth the Dragon Lord during the quest to reclaim the Blue Mountains.


  • This Dwarf is not from Tolkien's writings, but is a video game character.
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