Númerrámar was the second ship built by Vëantur.


Between SA 725 and 750, the ship made a series of journeys from Númenor to Middle-earth. In SA 727, the ship was given to Vëantur's good friend Anardil, the future Tar-Aldarion, and it was he that made the most use of it, sailing vast distances in journeys that lasted for many years.[1][2]


The word Númerrámar is from Quenya and means "west wings". It comes from the words númen, meaning 'west' or 'sunset', and rámar, meaning 'wings'.[citation needed]

Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Bulgarian Cyrillic Нумеррамар
Greek Νυμερραμαρ
Kannada ನಮರಿಮಾರ್
Macedonian Cyrillic Нумеррамар
Mongolian Cyrillic Нумэррамар
Russian Нумеррамар


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