Nár was a Dwarf of unknown background in the Third Age. He was a friend of King Thrór in the days after the dwarven kingdom of the Lonely Mountain was taken by Smaug.

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Azog, having hewn Thrór’s head off, bades Nár to inform the Dwarves of his power

Nár was the lone companion of Thrór during his ill-fated attempt to reclaim Moria (before Balin's attempt). They journeyed from Dunland, crossed the Redhorn Pass, and came into Azanulbizar before finally approaching the East-gate of Moria. Nár, sensing danger, cautioned Thrór to beware, but Thrór did not listen to his counsel and walked proudly into Moria as its rightful heir. When Thrór ventured into Moria, Nár stayed and hid nearby for three days. Then Azog, the orc chief of Moria, had the decapitated body of Thrór flung out onto steps of the East-Gate, to which Nár was filled with horror. Azog then used Nár as a messenger, demanding that he return to his people and warn them that beggars, who dared enter Moria and attempt thieving, would fare the same. Azog declared that he had killed Thrór and that he now ruled Moria as king. He had carved his own name in runes on the brow of Thrór that would forever remain in the hearts of Dwarves. Nár was prevented from retrieving the severed head of Thrór. As a final insulting gesture, he was struck with a small pouch of coins that were of little value. As Nár fled down the Silverlode, he looked back and saw that Orcs had appeared out of the gate were hacking apart the body of Thrór and flinging the pieces to the black crows. Nár returned to Thráin in Dunland with the tale that greatly angered him, and soon after, the War of the Dwarves and Orcs began.[1][2]

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In The Lord of the Rings Online Nár, while a senile Dwarf, is shown to be still alive in TA 3019. He is living with a single caretaker in Zudrugund—a small Dwarf settlement in the Misty Mountains, to the south of Moria, where Thorin and exiles from the Lonely Mountain briefly settled on their way to the Blue Mountains. He is discovered by Halbarad, while leading the Grey Company south to Aragorn's aid.

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