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"The door won't give. It's too strong!"

Murgash was a Black Uruk captain serving under Gothmog during the Siege of Gondor.

In the Extended Edition he first appears alongside Guritz on the Pelennor Fields, and again at the gates of Minas Tirith, where he told Gothmog that the gates are impenetrable, though Gothmog rectified this dilemma by using the "Wolf's Head", which is Grond . Murgash is later seen with Guritz and his battalion at the docks, mocking the Corsairs of Umbar, who were late for battle. Their sarcasm turned to terror when the Army of the Dead swarmed off the ships and charged the orcs head-on. Despite the obvious futility of even attempting to fight back, Murgash lunged at Aragorn with a sword, only to have his head cut off.

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