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Mr Bliss - JRR Tolkien

Mr. Bliss is a children's picture book by J. R. R. Tolkien, published posthumously in 1982. It tells the story of Mr. Bliss and his first ride in his new motor-car. Many adventures follow like encounters with bears, angry neighbors, irate shopkeepers and assorted collisions.

About Edit

The story line was inspired by Tolkien's own vehicular mishaps with his first automobile. The bears were based on toy bears owned by Tolkien's sons. Tolkien was both author and illustrator of the book. His narrative binds the story and illustrations tightly together, as the text often comments directly on the pictures. Despite not being published during Tolkien's lifetime, he submitted the book to his publishers as a balm to readers who were hungry for more from Tolkien after the success of The Hobbit. The lavish ink and colored pencil illustrations would have made production costs prohibitively expensive so Tolkien agreed to redraw the pictures in a simpler style, although that never came to happen.

The book was eventually published in 1982, with Tolkien's difficult-to-read handwritten story and illustrations on one page, and a typeset transcription on the facing page.

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Bengali মিঃ সুখ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Мистър Блис
Chinese 幸福先生
Dutch Meneer Blijleven
Finnish Herra Bliss
French Monsieur Merveille
Georgian მისტერ ბლისი
German Herr Glück
Hindi श्री. परमानंद
Hungarian Úr. Boldogság
Icelandic Herra Bliss
Korean 블리스 씨
Marathi श्रीमान आनंद
Polish Pan Błysk
Punjabi ਮਿਸਟਰ ਬਲਿਸ
Romanian Domnul Bliss
Russian Мистер Блисс
Sinhalese මහතා සතුට
Slovak Pán Blaženosť
Spanish El señor Bliss