The location of the Mouths of Sirion in the Beleriand

Mouths of Sirion was the delta of the river Sirion where it flowed into the Bay of Balar. It was located in the West Beleriand in the land of Arvernien.

The Havens of Sirion located around this land [1], as well as a marshland and a land of reeds called Arlisgion [2].

History Edit

This area may have been inhabited at an earlier time by the Teleri but when they departed for the Havens of the Falas the area was inhabited, until Círdan established a refuge there. People, both elves and men began arriving here as the forces of Morgoth began to gain ground.[3]

References Edit

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Translations around the World Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic أفواه سيريون
Catalan Boques del Sirion
Chinese (Hong Kong) 西瑞安河口
Danish Munden af Sirion
Dutch Monden van Sirion
Esperanto Buŝoj de Sirjon
Estonian Jõesuudmed Sirion
Filipino Bibig ng Sirion
French Bouches du Sirion
Galician Bocas do Sirion
German Mündungen des Sirion
Hebrew פה של סיריון ?
Italian Bocche del Sirion
Japanese シリオンの河口
Latvian Ietekas Sirion
Maltese Ħluq ta 'Sirion
Persian دهان سیریون ?
Polish Ujście Sirionu
Portuguese Bocas do Sirion
Punjabi ਸਿਰਯੋਨ ਦੇ ਮੂੰਹ
Romanian Gurile de Sirion
Spanish Bocas del Sirion
Turkish Sirion Ağızları ?
Welsh Cegau o Sirion