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Moro Burrows was a Hobbit of the Shire.


Moro was of the Burrows family and was born in SR 1391. He was the son of Peony (Baggins) Burrows and Milo Burrows. His siblings were Mosco, Myrtle, and Minto Burrows. He was related to the Baggins through Peony and was thus a cousin of Frodo Baggins.[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic مورو بروس
Armenian Մորո Բերոուզ
Chinese 摩洛·布倫斯
German Moro Lochner
Hebrew מורו בורוז
Italian Moro Rintanati
Japanese モロ・バローズ
Korean 모로 버로우즈
Persian مورو بوروس
Russian Моро Берроуз
Serbian Моро Бароуз (Cyrillic) Moro Barouz (Latin)
Tamil மோரோ பர்ரோஸ்
Ukrainian Cyrillic Моро Берроуз


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