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Morgul Stalkers

Morgul Stalkers at Games

Morgul stalkers are (a Non-Canonical) advanced breed of orc as a Mordor unit from Games Morgul stalkers cost 18.00 by ordering it online & were created by the Witch-king of Angmar. They are used to patrol the area around Minas Morgul and to slip past enemy lines and cause havoc.


Morgul stalkers are one of the main breed of orc that attacked Osgiliath. They have the power to melt into the background, so during the battle of Minas Tirith they where able to get into the city before they broke down the main gate. They were bred in Carn Dûm by the witch-king and again in Minas Morgul they approach unseen and unheard and slit others throats...friend or foe.


Mogul stalkers can be up to seven feet tall. The Witch-King has given them fangs and claws. Almost no Morgul stalkers use swords unless they are trained from birth. They have green or grey skin and glow the color of Minas Morgul.

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