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Michel Delving was the largest town in the Shire, located in the western edge of the Westfarthing in the White Downs on the Great East Road. The Mayor of the Shire was elected here, and it was also the location of the Lockholes and the famous Mathom-house.[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic ميشيل الخوض
Bulgarian Cyrillic Голям Дълбалник
Catalan Miquel Escarball
Czech Velká Kopanina
Danish Mikkelsgraven
Dutch Grotedelft
Esperanto Mult-Fosejo
Finnish Järin Möyremä
French Grandcave / Grande-Creusée
German Michelbinge
Hebrew מישל דלבינג
Hungarian Nagyüreg
Italian Pietra Forata
Macedonian Мишел нурнати
Norwegian Mikkelskløft
Persian میشل دلوینگ
Portuguese Grã Cava (Brazil)
Russian Мичел Делвинг
Slovenian Velko Prekopansko
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Cavada Grande
Swedish Möcklegräva
Tamil மைக்கேல் மூழ்குவது
Thai มิเคิลเดลวิง
Turkish Ulığ Kazın
Yiddish מיטשעל דעלווינג



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