The Mereth Aderthad also known as the Feast of Reuniting was a great gathering of the Eldar and the Sindar held at Eithel Ivrin early in the First Age.

Maedhros at the Mereth Aderthad, by Jenny Dolfen at


In the spring of 20th Year of the Sun, Fingolfin arranged for a great celebration and feasts to be held near the pools of Eithel Ivrin. It was attended by all the important people of the House of Fingolfin and the Sons of Fëanor. Its intent was to strengthen ties between the two and heal any hurts that still remained with them. It was also attended by many of the Sindar from the havens of the coasts and the rest of the Beleriand, including Mablung and Daeron from Doriath bearing greetings from the King. This gathering of so many different Elves provided those with an excellent opportunity to understand and appreciate each others unique culture and language, thus the binds of friendship and alliance were made that would help insure peace for many years.[1][2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Armenian Մերետհ Ադերտհադ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Мерет Адертад
Georgian მერეთ ადერთადი
Greek Μερεθ Αδερθαδ
Hebrew מרת אדרתאד
Kazakh Мерет Адертад
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Мэрэтх Адэртхад ?
Macedonian Cyrillic Мерет Адертад
Pashto مېرېته ادېرتهاد
Russian Мерет Адертад
Serbian Мерет Адертад (Cyrillic) Meret Adertad (Latin)
Tajik Cyrillic Меретҳ Адертҳад
Ukrainian Cyrillic Мерет Адертад
Urdu مےرته ادےرتهاد ?
Yiddish מערעטה אַדערטהאַד


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