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Meneltarma was a sacred mountain at the center of the island of Númenor. Its summit was flattened and broad, and was the site of special gatherings.

It sank along with the rest of Númenor in SA 3319, but was believed to have later risen out of the Sea as a small island of Middle-earth.


A view from the Meneltarma

Silence was required for anyone ascending Meneltarma. Even foreigners felt bound by this rule. The King alone was allowed to utter prayers and thanksgivings there to Eru Ilúvatar, during the feasts of Erukyermë, Erulaitalë, and Eruhantalë.

Birds and other animals did not approach the place, only the Eagles of Manwë were seen circling over the summit and were regarded as sacred guardians of the mountain and all the land.

The base of the mountain sloped gently and divided itself into five roots reaching to the five divisions of the land. The roots were called Tarmasundar, meaning the Roots of the Pillar. On the southern slopes were located the tombs of Kings and Queens of Númenor, within a valley called Noirinan.

After the destruction of Númenor, some amongst the Exiles believed that the summit of the mountain remained as an island in Belegaer. Some Dúnedain, the descendants of the Númenoreans, are even said to have set sail trying to reach the island, from which the legend held that one could catch a glimpse of the unreachable Aman;[1] however, Aman was no longer "in" the Earth.


Meneltarma was Quenya for 'Heaven-pillar' or 'Pillar of the Heavens'.


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic መነልታርማ
Arabic مييلتارما
Armenian Մենելտարմա
Belarusian Cyrillic Менелтарма
Bengali মেনেল্তার্মা
Bulgarian Cyrillic Менелтарма
Chinese 美尼尔塔玛
Danish Meneltarma-bjerget ("Himmelsøjlen")
Georgian მენელთარმა
Greek Μενελταρμα
Gujarati મેનેલ્તર્મ
Hebrew מנלטארמה
Hindi मेनेल्तर्म
Japanese メネルタルマ
Kannada ಮೆನೇಳ್ತಾರ್ಮ
Kazakh Cyrillic Менелтарма
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Мэнэлтарма
Macedonian Cyrillic Менелтарма
Marathi मेनेल्तर्म
Mongolian Cyrillic Менелтарма
Nepalese मेनेल्तर्म
Persian منلتارما
Punjabi ਮੇਨੇਲ੍ਤਰ੍ਮ
Russian Менельтарма
Sanskrit मेनेल्तर्म
Serbian Менелтарма (Cyrillic) Meneltarma (Latin)
Sinhalese මෙනෙල්තර්ම
Tajik Cyrillic Менелтарма
Tamil மெநெல்தர்ம​
Telugu మెనెల్తర్మ
Ukrainian Cyrillic Менелтарма
Urdu مینیلٹآرم
Uzbek Менелтарма (Cyrillic) Meneltarma (Latin)
Yiddish מענעלטאַרמאַ


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