The Men of Brethil were the folk of Haleth's kin who dwelt in the Forest of Brethil on the western borders of Doriath, descended from the Three Houses of Men in the First Age.


Haleth the Hunter, of the House Haladin, led a vast group of men over the Blue Mountains (the second group to do so) to settle in Thargelion, the land of the Elf-lord Caranthir. They never pledged allegiance to Caranthir, however, and lived in his realm as free men. Haleth became the leader of the House after her father and brother were slain in an Orc raid. Upon assuming control, she led her men to survive a brutal Orc raid on their camp. On the seventh day of the raid, Caranthir arrived with reinforcements and helped fend off the rest of the Orcs. Impressed by their victory, he offered the Men of Brethil a fiefdom in his kingdom, and in turn, the protection of his soldiers. Haleth refused this, however, for she was proud, and wished to retain freedom for her people.

The Men of Brethil were then led by Haleth to the Forest of Brethil in the land of Thingol. They defended the Crossings of Taeglin from an enemy attack, and in return, King Finrod awarded them the freedom to settle and be a separate people within his realm.

Once Haleth died, Haldad assumed the role of the leader of the Haladin House.[1][2]


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