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Melisilion was an Elven warrior who guarded Lothlórien's borders during the Third Age in Middle-earth.


During the War of the Ring, Melisilion was among the Silvan Elves that refused to abandon the free-peoples of Middle-earth, and prefered to stay and fight against the enemies of Mordor and Isengard. Remembering how the Elves and Men fought together during the War of the Last Alliance, Melisilion accompanied Haldir of Lorien with a battalion of Galadhrim Warriors towards Helm's Deep and provide their support and aid to the Rohirrim and their king. Moments before Saruman's army was coming, Melisilion was stationed on the Deeping Wall and demonstrated his skills as an archer by shooting down many Uruk-hai that were charging towards the wall and the Hornburg. Just as the enemy was getting closer to the wall, Melisilion kept on firing until he was shot down by an Uruk archer. After the battle was over, Melisilion was honored by Théoden, along with those that gave their lives in defending Rohan's country.



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