The Mathom-house was a museum in the Shire capital of Michel Delving. Its name was derived from the many Mathoms that were kept there.


The museum was probably as old as the city and here according to Hobbit tradition were stored and/or displayed the many Mathoms donated by hobbits of all classes. One of main objects featured there was a store of weapons dating back centuries. After his journey to the Lonely Mountain, the Mathom-house held Bilbo's Mithril shirt that was retrieved from Smaug's hoard and given to him by Thorin, which Bilbo lent to the museum until he took it with him to Rivendell.[1][2][3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Armenian Մաթոմ-տուն
Azerbaijani Mathom evi
Basque Mathom-etxe
Belarusian Cyrillic Матом дом
Catalan Casa de Mathom
Croatian Mathom kuća
Czech Mathom dům
Danish Mathom Hus
Dutch Mathom Huis
Finnish Mathom-talo
French Maison Mathom
Galician Casa de Mathom
German Mathom-Haus
Greek Μαθομ σπίτι
Hungarian Mathom ház
Icelandic Mathom-hús
Indonesian Rumah Mathom
Italian Casa Mathom
Kannada ಮ್ಯಾಥೊಮ್ ಮನೆ
Latin Mathom domum
Latvian Mathom māja
Lithuanian Mathom namai
Luxembourgish Mathom-Haus
Macedonian Cyrillic Матом дом
Malagasy Mathom-trano
Malaysian Rumah Mathom
Maltese Dar Mathom
Mongolian Cyrillic Матом-байшин
Norwegian Mathom Hus
Polish Dom Mathom
Russian Дом маттома
Slovak Mathom domu
Slovenian Mathom hiša
Somalian Mathom guri
Spanish Casa de Mathom
Swahili Mathom-nyumba
Swedish Mathom Hus
Tamil மத்ஹொம் வீடு
Turkish Mathom evi
Ukrainian Cyrillic Матем хаус
Vietnamese Mathom-căn nhà


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