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The Master of Buckland or Master of the Hall was the head of the Brandybuck family, and one of the officials of the Shire. This office was founded by Gorhendad (Oldbuck) Brandybuck. Like the Thain and the Warden of Westmarch, the Master had only nominal authority over his territory, the Eastmarch of Buckland. His authority also extended across the Brandywine into the Marish of the Eastfarthing, due to the close proximity and the amount of business between the two areas.[citation needed]

The Master's residence was Brandy Hall.


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic ماجستير بوكلاند
Armenian Բաքլենդի տերը
Basque Oreinetaaren masterra
Bulgarian Cyrillic Магистър на Бъкланд
Catalan Senyor de la Boqueria
Czech Pán Rádovska
Danish Herren af Bukland
Dutch Meester van Bokland
Finnish Bukinmaan herra
French Maîtres du Pays-de-Bouc
German Herren von Bockland
Hebrew אדון באקלנד
Hungarian Mester-bakföld
Italian Signore della Terra di Buck
Kazakh Баклэнд шебері (Cyrillic) Baklénd şeberi (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Баклэнд кожоюн
Norwegian Herre av Bukkenland
Persian ارباب باکلند
Polish Dziedzic Bucklandu
Portuguese Mestre dos Terra dos Buques
Russian Мастер Бакленда
Spanish Señor de Los Gamos
Vietnamese Thạc sĩ Buckland