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The March of Maedhros was an Elven realm in East Beleriand between Dorthonion and the Blue Mountains next to Maglor's Gap.

It consisted of a series of hills and plains.[1]


The March of Maedhros was fortified by Maedhros after he moved his brothers and their people out of Hithlum further east to avoid any feuds with their kinsmen. He established himself on the hill of Himring. It withstood the frequent attacks by the forces of Angband throughout the First Age, standing strong in the Battles of Beleriand including the ravages of the Dagor Bragollach. It was finally overrun during the Nírnaeth Arnoediad in FA 473.[2][3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Mark van Maedhros
Albanian Mars të Maedhros
Armenian Մաեդրոսի Մարկա
Azerbaijani Maedhrosın sərhədyanı ərazilər
Basque Maedhrosko marka
Belarusian Cyrillic Марка Маэдрос
Breton Marz Maedhros
Catalan Març de Maedhros
Chinese (Hong Kong) 梅斯羅斯防線
Croatian Maedhrosova marka
Czech Maedhrosova marka
Danish Maedros' mark
Dutch De Mark van Maedhros
Esperanto Markio de Maedhros
Estonian Maedhrosi Mark
Faroese Maedhdros' mark
Finnish Maedhrosin rajamaa
French Marche de Maedhros
Galician Marca de Maedhros
German Maedhros' Mark
Greek Μαρς του Μαέδρος
Hebrew מחוז מאידרוס
Italian Marca di Maedhros
Japanese マイズロスのフロンティア
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Маэдхросдын чек аралар
Lithuanian Maedhroso Marka
Macedonian Cyrillic Маршот на Маедхрос
Maori Maehe o Maedhros
Mongolian Cyrillic Маедхрос-ийн хил орчмын газрууд
Norwegian Maedhros' markgrevskap
Occitan Marcha de Maedhros
Persian سرحدات مادروس
Polish Marchia Maedhrosa
Portuguese Março de Maedhros
Russian Предел Маэдроса
Spanish Frontera de Maedhros
Swedish Maedhros' gränsland
Turkish Maedhros'un Sınır Bölgesi
Turkmen Maedhrosyň Serhet ýakalary
Ukrainian Cyrillic Рубіж Маедроса
Uzbek Маедҳроснинг Марка (Cyrillic) Maedhrosning Marka (Latin)
Welsh Mawrth o Maedhros
Yiddish מאַרץ פון מאַעדהראָס


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