This article is about the Ranger of Ithilien. For the Elf of Doriath, see Mablung of the Heavy Hand..

Mablung was a Ranger of Ithilien, and was one of the most trusted of Faramir's men.

Biography Edit

In the year TA 3019, Mablung and his companion Damrod found Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee in Ithilien. Mablung was tall with dark hair and grey eyes and he wore the green and brown raiment of the Rangers with a hood and mask. Mablung fought mainly with his bow, but also had a sword and a knife. He was one of the archers who took aim at Gollum from the ledges above the Forbidden Pool. Mablung fought in the Battle of Osgiliath and the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. He survived and warned the Men of the West when they marched to the Black Gate for the surprise attack on Mordor. He fought in the Battle of the Morannon, its unknown if he died or not.[1][2]

Etymology Edit

Mablung was a Sindarin word for 'heavy hand'.[2]

Notes Edit

The Character did not appear in any of the films but was depicted on a Decipher Card in The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game.[3]

References Edit

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