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This article is about the the elf of Doriath. For the ranger of Faramir, see Mablung the Ranger.

Mablung, also known as Mablung of the Heavy Hand, was a Sindar Elf who served in the army of King Elu Thingol of Doriath as a captain and Marchwarden.


Mablung came with Daeron to Fingolfin's Mereth Aderthad in the early First Age bearing gifts and friendship from Doriath.[1] He also served in Menegroth in some unknown position of command. Together with Beleg Cúthalion, he was one of the great captains of the Sindar, and Beleg and he were the only Elves of Doriath to fight alongside the Union of Maedhros in the Nírnaeth Arnoediad, as King Thingol would have nothing to do with the war.[2]

Brothers in Arms by WF74

Mablung (left) fighting with Beleg in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, by Wouter Florusse

In FA 466, Mablung was part of the Hunting of the Wolf together with King Thingol, Beleg, Huan, and Beren, who later married Lúthien. In the fight with the wolf Carcharoth, Huan was killed and Beren mortally wounded. Upon Carcharoth's death, Mablung opened the wolf's belly to retrieve the precious Silmaril he had consumed.

Mablung was present when, a few decades later, Túrin fought with Saeros over his taunting, and he restrained Túrin's wrath to avoid a brawl in Menelrond. Mablung then attempted to stop Saeros from acting on his threats and warned him of Túrin's strength, should Saeros attempt to fight him. This warning proved useless, and later in the day, Mablung witnessed Saeros' pursuit of Túrin in the woods and subsequent death in a river. Mablung was present before Thingol's throne, where he accounted for all that had passed between Saeros and Túrin, and later mentioned Túrin’s choice to leave Doriath.[3]

Mablung became Captain of the Guard of Doriath after Beleg left to seek Túrin. When Morwen Eledhwen, who dwelt in Doriath at the time, learned of Nargothrond's fall and that her son Túrin might be there, she wished to seek him out. Mablung was assigned by Thingol to guard her on their way. Unknown to both Mablung and Morwen until too late, Niënor, daughter of Morwen, had joined them. Mablung was unable to keep them both from ensnarement by the traps of Glaurung, the dragon of Morgoth. Mablung hid from him, and then searched the sacked city of Nargothrond, but found no sign of Túrin. 

Niënor was found again by Mablung, in a trance, by the spell of Glaurung, at Amon Ethir. Mablung then led her back to Doriath, but he later lost her again when she ran off unclad startled by a band of Orcs; a result of the spell of Glaurung. Thus she fled beyond the sight of Mablung. Unable to recover her, Mablung returned to Doriath, but he spent years afterwards searching for Morwen and Niënor.[4]

Mablung went to Brethil when he learned Glaurung was there, and there met Túrin. By admitting Niënor was lost, he caused Túrin to realize that Níniel his wife had actually been his sister, and Túrin killed himself.[5]

Mablung was the last person to whom Melian spoke before departing Middle-earth. She warned him of Thingol's Silmaril and told him to send word to Beren and Lúthien. Soon afterwards, Mablung was killed before the doors of the treasury during the battle in the Thousand Caves by the Dwarves of Nogrod.[6]


The name Mablung is Sindarin, meaning 'heavy hand'. It was likely not his real name, but an epessë (honorary title), yet it is the only name told of.[7]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic مابلونغ
Armenian Մաբլունգ
Assamese মাবলুং
Belarusian Cyrillic Маблунг
Bengali মাবলুঙ
Bulgarian Cyrillic Маблунг
Chinese (Hong Kong) 馬伯龍
Georgian მაბლუნგი
Greek Μαπλονγ
Gujarati માબ્લોંગ
Hebrew מאבלונג
Hindi मब्लुङ
Japanese ?
Kannada ಮಾಬ್ಲುಂಗ್
Kazakh Маблұнг (Cyrillic) Mablung (Latin)
Korean 마블 룽
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Маблунг
Macedonian Cyrillic Маблунг
Marathi माबलुंग
Mongolian Cyrillic Маблунг
Nepalese माब्लांग
Pashto مَبلُنګ
Persian موبلنگ
Punjabi ਮੈਬਲੁੰਗ
Russian Маблунг
Serbian Маблунг (Cyrillic) Mablung (Latin)
Sinhalese මබ්ලුන්ග්
Tajik Cyrillic Маблунг
Tamil மாப்லாங்
Telugu మాబ్లంగ్
Urdu مابلونگ
Ukrainian Cyrillic Маблунґ
Yiddish מאַבלונג


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