Máhanaxar, or the Ring of Doom, was the place where the Valar gathered to hold their councils. It lay south of Two Trees of Valinor just outside the golden western gates of Valmar, in Aman across the Sea.


Within the circles of the Máhanaxar were the thrones of the Valar where they passed judgment. Here Melkor was judged and sentenced for his evils.[1][2] It was also where the great Ñoldorin elf Fëanor was judged for his deeds in Tirion and where he spoke to the Valar of his intentions, after the killing of his father at the hands of Melkor.[3][4]


Máhanaxar was a Quenya word, from the Valarin Mâchananaškad.[citation needed]

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ማሃናኃር
Arabic ماهاناخار
Armenian Մահանախար
Belarusian Cyrillic Маhанахар
Bengali মহানশার
Bulgarian Cyrillic Маханахар
Georgian მაჰანაქსარი
Greek Μάχαναξαρ
Gujarati મહાનાક્ષાર
Hebrew מאהאנאקסאר (Mahanaxar)

טבעת הגורל (Ring of Doom)

Kazakh Маһанахар (Cyrillic) Mahanaxar (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Маhанахар
Macedonian Cyrillic Маханаxар
Marathi महानक्षेत्र
Mongolian Cyrillic Маhанахар
Nepalese महनख़र
Pashto ماهاناخار
Persian ماهاناکسار
Russian Маханаксар
Serbian Маханакар (Cyrillic) Mahanaxar (Latin)
Sinhalese මහානාහිමියෝ
Tajik Cyrillic Маҳанахар
Tamil மஹாநஸ்ர்
Urdu ماهاناخار
Ukrainian Cyrillic Маганахар
Uzbek Маҳанахар (Cyrillic) Mahanaxar (Latin)
Yiddish מאַהאַנאַקסאַר
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