Lugdush was an Uruk-hai of Isengard in the service of the wizard Saruman and a trusted subordinate of Uglúk.  


Lugdush 2

ToyBiz model of Uruk-hai warrior (based on Lugdush)

Lugdush was one of the Uruk-hai scouts, led by Uglúk, that captured Merry and Pippin beneath Amon Hen, and took them westwards towards Isengard. He was ordered by Uglúk to set a guard around the two halflings and not kill them unless any assailants of the Uruks were to break through. Lugdush was later slaughtered by the Rohirrim near Fangorn forest, as were all the other Uruks and Orcs from Mordor (under Grishnákh's command).

Portrayal in adaptations

Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring

In Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring, Lugdush is portrayed as one of the Uruk-hai in Lurtz's troop. His role in The Two Towers is instead given to Mauhúr.


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