Lords of Emyn Arnen was a subsidiary title created for Faramir, the Steward of Gondor and his descendants by King Elessar.

History of the Title

The hills of Emyn Arnen lay southeast from Minas Tirith, within sight of that city but across the Anduin in South Ithilien. They had long been associated with the Stewards of Gondor, and the House of the Stewards traced their ancestry back to Húrin of Emyn Arnen, who had served King Minardil in the seventeenth century of the Third Age. At the end of that Age, when the new King Elessar appointed Faramir as his own Steward, he also gave him the titles Prince of Ithilien and Lord of Emyn Arnen, and the new Lord took up his residence in those hills.

Given the Stewards' descent from Húrin, it is possible that 'Lord of Emyn Arnen' was a title held by each of his descendants, and that each Steward was therefore also a Lord. As Faramir is the only named Lord of Emyn Arnen, however, it is equally possible that the title was devised individually for him by Aragorn.

Lords of Emyn Arnen

The Lords of Emyn Arnen
1. Faramir (TA 3019 - FO 82)
2. Elboron FO 82 - Unknown)
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