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À la recherche du Hobbit (French for Looking for the Hobbit) is an exploratory documentary series directed by Olivier Simonnet in 2014, in which illustrator John Howe, story-teller Nicolas Mezzalira, and Professor Leo Carruthers of the University of Paris-Sorbonne explore real-world settings and famous myths that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien's mythology. The documentary explores many locations of Medieval significance.

John Howe, the central figure of the series, often seen illustrating, tours some of the film-set locations in New Zealand, before traveling to spots in Germany, Iceland, and England to retrace a few places influential on his own vocation and on Tolkien's. Some characters from English Medieval legend, such as King Arthur, are portrayed.

The series, initially released in France, was produced and distributed by ARTE Deutschland TV GMBH and Cerigo Films, and is available on Amazon Prime Video, with English narration.


  1. Tolkien's Worlds
  2. The Magical Forest of Brocéliande
  3. In the Footsteps of King Arthur
  4. The Lost Gold of the Rhine
  5. The Creatures of the North


Actor Role

John Howe

Leo Carruthers Himself
Nicholas Mezzalira Himself
Aurore Charles Viviane
Stuart Davidson King Arthur
Gwen de Montfaucon Merlin
Laura Fix Ygerne
Charlie Hibbert Uther Pendragon
David Day Himself

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