This page is intended to be a list of unnamed characters who appear in any adaptations of Tolkien's universe. This page is intended for characters without a specific name, but that were seen as important or were seen multiple times in the movies, or books.

Good characters


They are the sisters of the future King, Eldarion, as well as the granddaughters of Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian of Rivendell. Through their mother, they are also the great granddaughters of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel of the faded realm Lothlórien. After the death of their father, commonly known as Aragorn, their mother was torn by grief and laid down her life upon Cerin Amroth. It is likely that after these events took place, the unnamed women would have decided their own fates, whether to sail to the West and meet their Elvish kin, or stay behind as mortals to aid their newly crowned brother.

Virtually nothing is known about the girls or exactly when or where they were born. The only thing that is certain is that they were born in the early Fourth Age and that their brother was Eldarion, Aragorn Elessar's son and heir.[1] It is not known whether they were older or younger than their brother.

Not much is known about his early life. During the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, he sent his son, Dervorin to return to aid Minas Tirith.[2] Fortunately, his son managed to survive the great war.[3]

He possibly died in the Fourth Age and his son succeeded him as the Lord of Ringló Vale.

Not much is known about his early life. Sauron sent his army to besiege both Minas Tirith, the capital and Cair Andros, a stronghold of Gondor. When Sauron's army reached the haven, he ordered his soldiers to defend it. After the gate was broken down, he abandoned the city and escaped into the wild. He was never heard of again.[citation needed]


The Hobbit films

Glenn Boswell

The Dwarf miner

Musical Elf

The musical elf

  • Musical elf (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) - This elf lived in Rivendell during the Third Age. In TA 2941, he played the harp when Thorin and Company came to Rivendell. When Kili tried to hide his flirting with another elf from Dwalin, he suggested that this musical elf was not bad looking. Dwalin warned him that the harp player was not a female, as was proved true causing all the dwarves to laugh at Kili's embarrassment. This elf was portrayed by Jared Blakiston, but was uncredited.
    • The scene where Kili mistakens the musical elf to be a female was cut from the theatrical version of the film, but can be found in the extended edition.
Gimli as Young

Locket displaying Gimli's mother (left)

  • Gimli's mother (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) was, as the name stated, the mother of Gimli and wife of Gloin. In the film, she is only shown in a locket with portraits of her and Gimli that Gloin keeps around his neck.
  • Fish Monger (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) was a Man of Lake-town who worked as a fish monger in TA 2941. When Bard the Bowman was smuggling Thorin and Company into the town, he asked the fish monger to fill the barrels with fish in order to hide the Dwarves. He was portrayed by Jabez Olssen, who was the editor for the film series, and was an additional editor for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

When Bard the Bowman overheard Balin calling one of the Dwarves "Thorin", he went to the Stallkeeper's shop to find the tapestry of the Line of Durin of the Kings of the Lonely Mountain, confused, the man asked what tapestry he was looking for.

In TA 2941, when Hilda Bianca told him and his partner that she saw Dwarves in the town earlier, the net mender was confused of why there would be Dwarves in Lake-town until an old fisherman reminded him that it was mentioned in the prophecy of the King of Silver Fountains, which later spread all over the town. He was present where all the citizens of Lake-town gathered when Thorin II Oakenshield reveals himself to the crowd, including the Master of Lake-town and Alfrid Lickspittle, and persuaded the Master to welcome him and his company and help them reclaim the Lonely Mountain. After the Master agreed to help, the net mender and all the citizens cheered happily.

However, when the Dwarves and their Burglar-companion Bilbo Baggins accidentally woke Smaug up, who believed that the Dwarves were been aided by the Lakemen, the Net Mender was among the citizens that were evacuating Lake-town after hearing the sound of rumbling from the mountain. That was when Smaug flies over to Lake-town and burns the entire town and the Net Mender managed to flee with the rest of the survivors. After Bard the Bowman and his son Bain managed to kill Smaug with the last Black Arrow, the Net Mender and all the survivors gathered around Bard and made him their King. Seeking refuge in the ruined city of Dale, the place which was ruled by Bard's ancestor Lord Girion, the Net Mender served in Bard's army and helped Thranduil's army to claim some of the treasure that was kept in the mountain for a long time.


Gondor Beacon Guard in Peter Jackson's The Return of the King

Before there was going to be a battle between Dwarves, Men, and Elves, Azog sent forth his armies to attack the Lonely Mountain and Dale. The Net Mender moved back towards the city and fought in the ensuing battle. The Net Mender fought valiantly to defend the city and was among the fallen.

Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Minstrel of gondor

The Minstrel of Gondor

Rankin/Bass films

Evil characters


  • The Cave Troll of Moria. The Fellowship faced this creature in the depths of Moria, in Balin's Tomb In the books, it broke trough the reinforced doors of Balin's Tomb, allowing the Goblins to enter. It was stabbed in the foot by Frodo Baggins.[9]
  • The Orc-chieftain was a huge Orc who was present at the Skirmish in Balin's Tomb. He was presumed to be one of the greatest Orcs of Moria and seems to have been the leader of the attack on the Fellowship in the tomb. In the battle, he lept into the chamber as the Nine Companions were fleeing and stabbed Frodo with a great spear, though the hobbit did not die due to the fact that he wore a shirt of Mithril. His spear was quickly broken by Samwise, and as he reached for his scimitar, he was quickly cut down by Aragorn. His followers, seeing their chieftain's death, fled. The Orc was clad all over in black mail. He had a red tongue, eyes like coals, and a squat, broad, flat face. He carried a huge spear, shield, and Scimitar. He was huge by Orc standards, nearly being man-high.[9]

"That's cursed rebel-talk, and I'll stick you, if you don't shut it down, see?"
Uruk soldier
  • Unknown Uruk Soldier (Mordor) This Uruk was working for Mordor in The Return of the King (book). He was a soldier from the Tower of Cirith Ungol, which was under the command of Captain Shagrat before he was killed during the uprising started by Captain Gorbag of Minas Morgul and the Nazgûl took over. He makes an appearance in the book while Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee are travelling across the Plateau of Gorgoroth. The soldier in question was armed with a spear, and was travelling with a smaller Orc scout, armed with a bow. They were under orders to track the intruder, but the orders were unclear; "First they say it's a great Elf in bright armour, then it's a sort of small dwarf-man, then it must be a pack of rebel Uruk-hai; or maybe it's all the lot together," as this soldier said, and the smaller orc wanted to "go home". The conversation shifts to Gollum, or the "black sneak" as they know him. Frodo and Sam, overhearing them from behind a bush, discover that the soldier had earlier shot at the “black sneak”, but missed. Eventually, the soldier starts to leave, and when he is ordered back by the soldier, and threatened with having himself reported to the Nazgûl, expresses his dislike for the Nazgûl and how he was glad that the Witch-king, or "Number One" was killed; all-in-all, he thoroughly displayed treason. The soldier, the subject of this page, charged at him with spear in hand, but before he could get close enough to the orc, the latter put an arrow in his eye and ran off the way he came.[10]
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The unnamed Gundabad Chieftan


The Hobbit films

  • A Gundabad Orc Chieftain, later known as the Keeper of the Dungeons, was present at the Battle of Azanulbizar: he fights against the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain. After being defeated by Dwalin, the Orc brute survived his wounds and went into hiding in Mount Gundabad. Years later, he is summoned to Dol Guldur before the battle against the Dwarves, Men, and Elves in the Lonely Mountain and Dale, but unlike his comrades, he stayed in the fortress and kept watch on Gandalf who had been imprisoned and defeated by Sauron. He received order from Sauron to execute the wizard and confiscate the Ring of Fire (Extended Edition only), throwing Gandalf's cage across the tower. Before the orc could cut the ring off and kill the wizard, Galadriel arrived at the old fortress and killed him.

In TA 2941, he and large number of Guldur Orcs were summoned by Sauron (nicknamed The Necromancer) and gathered in the old fortress of Dol Guldur to prepare for war against Free Peoples in the region of Rhovanion. After Gandalf was defeated in a duel against the Dark Lord, he was seen marching out of the old fortress with thousands of Orcs that followed Azog the Defiler towards the Lonely Mountain.

Upon reaching the mountain, he fought in the Battle of Five Armies against the Lakemen, Dwarves, and Elves in the ruined city of Dale. He along with another and several other Orcs faced Thranduil. In the end, he and another were killed by the Elven King.

He was very loyal to Azog. When the exiled Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain tried to reclaim Moria, the infamous Azog led his Orc army to fight against their enemies, causing the Battle of Azanulbizar. This Moria Orc participated in the battle and engaged a number of Dwarves. After Azog lost his arm to Thorin II Oakenshield, the Moria Orc and several of his fellow comrades took their superior back into the mines, as he was still needed by their master.


Unnamed Gundabad Hunter Orc at the Battle of Azanulbizar

In the year TA 2941, this Moria Orc did not join Azog's Hunter Orcs until Bolg was in charge of the troops. After Sauron (disguised as the Necromancer) summons the Guldur Orcs from the Misty Mountains to Dol Guldur, Bolg and Moria Hunter Orc were one of the first Orcs to arrive there. Bolg travelled to Beorn's camp to warn Azog about his master's call. When Azog arrives at Dol Guldur, the Necromancer told him that he will lead his armies and will not continue his hunt for Thorin and Company. After Azog ordered his son Bolg to continue the hunt for the Dwarves, Unnamed Moria Hunter Orc accompanied him and became a member of the Hunter Orcs. After Bilbo frees the Dwarves from their imprisonment in Woodland Realm, they attempt to escape through the Forest River when Bolg's hunting party arrived and attacked the company. However, Kíli managed to open the River-Gate, allowing the Dwarves to continue while this Hunter Orc and the Hunter Orcs chased after them. During the river chase, Unnamed Moria Hunter Orc leapt from the shore and attempted to kill Thorin, but the Dwarf managed to behead him and his body fell into the river.

Images (1)-0

Unnamed Gundabad hunter orc

In TA 2941, he was one of the first Gundabad Orcs to arrive in Dol Guldur, along with Bolg and others. When he discovered that Bolg was going to hunt Thorin Oakenshield after his father Azog was ordered by the Necromancer (Sauron) to stay in Dol Guldur and prepare the army, he joined the Hunter Orcs. He, Bolg, Fimbul and other Orcs attacked the Forest River Gate in Mirkwood when Thorin and Company attempted to escape Mirkwood by the Forest River. When Tauriel arrived and stopped a Orc from killing Kili, Bolg ordered he and several other Orcs to kill Tauriel. He tried to hit Tauriel from behind but was shot down by Legolas.


Great Gundabad warg

  • The Great Gundabad warg was Bolg's steed and companion.

The "Great Gundabad warg" accompanies Bolg during his hunt for Thorin Oakenshield and his company. Bolg rides it from Dol Guldur to give Azog a message from the Necromancer. It then accompanies Bolg all the way to Lake-town where Legolas chases them on horseback, until they lose him. Bolg is seen on this warg when again he meets Azog and his armies on the march. Bolg then rides it to Mount Gundabad - the warg's fate is unknown.


Azog's Lieutenant

He was briefly seen when Azog is marching to the Lonely Mountain until Bolg arrives. When Azog orders his lieutenant and the army to stop the march, Bolg reports that Legolas and Tauriel survived, in which Azog orders his son to go to Mount Gundabad and bring another army to serve as reinforcements. When Bolg leaves, Azog orders the army to continue and the Lieutenant raises his axe and shouts an order in Orkish or the black tongue. He was later killed in the Battle of Five Armies.

He was killed by either Dwalin or Thorin when the goblins attacked the pair. He fought to avenge the Great Goblin's death.


Unnamed Gundabad Orc Berserker

Sometime between the War of the Dwarves and Orcs and the Quest of Erebor, He was promoted captain of the Gundabad Berserkers due to his strength. He was not summoned by the Necromancer during The Quest of Erebor. When Bolg arrived at Gundabad, he was among the Gundabad Orcs that marched to Dale to serve as reinforcements for Azog's army. Arriving at the ruins of Ravenhill, he was one of the first Orc Berserkers to arrive and made his attempt to kill Bilbo Baggins. As he charged towards the Hobbit with his weapon open, he was slain by Dwalin.

Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy


The Cave-troll from the Jackson trilogy.

Orc 23

Unidentified Mordor Orc Commander

  • The Unidentified Isengard Orc Commander (The Fellowship of the Ring) (or UIOC) was an Isengard Orc who swore allegiance to Saruman. Upon arriving, he and two of his comrades ask the wizard what they are ordered to do. He is left in charge of the workers at the Lumberjack camp and tells the wizard that the trees have roots that have grown very deep. During The Two Towers, he and Saruman are seen ordering the workers in the caverns and overseeing the breeding of the Uruk-hai

Unnamed Orc taskmaster


Unnamed Isengard blacksmith and cook

This Isengard Orc was probably from the Misty Mountains. He along with many other Orcs (like Sharku) travelled to Isengard to help Saruman in his forges and raise an army of Uruk-hai. He was a blacksmith and a cook. He worked from the safety of a sun-shelter not being immune to daylight. It is unknown if he was killed during the Battle of Isengard.

In the film, he was not an Uruk, and he was described as a Lesser Orc. He was known to be a rather skinny and bristle-covered Orc.


Unnamed Two Towers Orc

He, along with Snaga and a group of Orcs that were led by Grishnákh, were sent by Sauron and Saruman to meet up with Uglúk and his band of Uruk-hai, making sure that they were delivering the Hobbits Merry and Pippin to Saruman. However, he was later killed when a Rohirrim Calvary led by Éomer near the borders of Fangorn Forest.


Unnamed Isengard Orc of Sharku's attack group

After Saruman learned from Grima Wormtongue about the people of Rohan traveling to Helm's Deep, he and a number of Warg-Riders, led by Sharku, were dispatched from Isengard to attack. During the skirmish, he tried to kill Gimli while the Dwarf was trying to roll a dead warg off him. Gimli immediately snapped his neck, killing him.

He served under Saruman during the War of the Ring. After Saruman learned from Grima Wormtongue about the people of Rohan traveling to Helm's Deep, he and a number of Warg-Riders, led by Sharku, were dispatched from Isengard to attack. He was slain during the skirmish.


  • Unnamed Isengard Orc Informant was an Orc Informant who worked for Saruman.

During the War of the Ring, he was chosen by his lord for his natural ability to breed, tame, and train Wargs in Isengard. He later accompanied Sharku and number of Warg-Riders to attack the Rohirrim people that were traveling to Helm's Deep to make refuge. He was among the Orcs that were killed during the skirmish.

He was described as been heavily scarred and had one eye. He had a few of his fingers that were missing from Warg bites. He also had a long scar across his missing eye, and a piece of leather riveted over the empty socket.


Unnamed Moria Orc-captain (The Two Towers)

He was a Orc-Captain from Moria who led a number of his tribe to revenge the fall of their Chief and the Balrog. His host followed the Fellowship to Lórien where his troops were defeated by the Guardians of the forest. A small number of survivors continued to follow the Fellowship's track to Rohan and eventually joined forces with the Orcs of the Eye under the command of Grishnákh. The last remnants of his expedition were slain by the Éored, led by Éomer, near the borders of Fangorn Forest.


Unnamed Orc of Isengard examining the new Uruk-hai


Unnamed Isengard Orc

Isengard Informant

Orc Overseer (Isengard)

"We don't have enough fuel to fuel the fires."
Orc Overseer to Saruman

While working, the Orc Overseer told Saruman the progress. Saruman, not impressed that the Uruk-hai won't be armed in time, told him to have to work the furnaces. However, he explained that there was not enough fuel to fuel to fires. When Saruman stared at the distance of Fangorn Forest, he ordered another Orc to cut down and burn a number of trees, in which the overseer complied. He was later killed along with all the Orcs during the destruction of Isengard by the hands of the Ents led by Treebeard, Merry, and Pippin.

"What orders from Mordor, my Lord? What does the Eye command?"
to Saruman
Saruman hench orc

Orc Overseer (Isengard)

"The trees are strong, my lord. Their roots grow deep"
to Saruman

The Messenger (The Two Towers, Fellowship of the Ring) was an Orc serving Saruman. - He was one of the first Orcs in Isengard.

Part of the chain of command, the Messenger has the authority to be made aware of instructions received by Saruman from his lord Sauron. He is a loyal servant of his servants and as such gladly carries out their orders to the letter.


Unnamed Isengard Orc (master-smith)

Commander ttt 1

Unnamed Uruk-hai captain

In the film, he stands on a huge boulder and roars, ordering the others to attack the fortress. Here he was most likely killed as soon as the archers started firing arrows, as he, as a commander, was a prime target. He lacked the unique helmet worn by other Uruk-hai commanders however, so it can be assumed he was a normal warrior. After the first death of an Uruk-hai soldier, he stood on a rock without a helm roared at the host, meaning to attack the deep. This one was possibly in the same rank as Uglúk in the movies, and one below Lurtz. If he was in the books, he would probably be one rank below Uglúk.

  • The Unnamed Uruk-hai warrior that appears in the Isengard Sourcebook, released by Decipher Inc.. Although in the Sourcebook, they're talking about an Half-orc, not a true Uruk-hai, called "Móg". In the The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, Móg is Saruman's primary commander by has yet to be seen as the one seen in the film.[13]
  • The First Uruk-hai to die at Helm's Deep. (The Two Towers) This famous Uruk-hai was the first to die at the Battle of the Hornburg. He is seen several times during the chanting, precedent to the actual start of the battle. He is accidentally shot by an old man who couldn't steady his hand.

"What is it? What do you smell?"

Unnamed Orc Commander (Isengard)

Pledging his service to Sauron's "puppet"[ during the War of the Ring, he had risen to his position and rank due of his intelligence and technical skill. In TA 3019, he was busy placing armor on one of the Uruk-hai that were about to be dispatched to track down the Fellowship of the Ring. He was later killed in the Battle of Isengard.[14] He is featured in the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game.

Chief Orc Archer

Gothmog's Underling at the retaking of Osgiliath.

During the War of the Ring, he accompanied his master and an army of Orcs to claim the ruined city of Osgiliath as their base. After Faramir and the rest of the defenders retreated back to Minas Tirith, he was present when Gothmog uses he spear to do the deed in executing Madril. Later on, he fought in the siege of Minas Tirith. However, when the Rohirrim riders arrived to turn the tide, he was among the archers that released a full volley of arrows, killing a number of soldiers. In the Extended Edition of The Return of the King, he would attack Theoden, only to be stabbed in the back by Eowyn.


Morannon Orc Warrior (Siege of Gondor)

Morannon Orc Warrior (Siege of Gondor) was an armoured orc warrior serving under Gothmog during the battle of Minas Tirith. He witnessed Gothmog firing the heads of deceased Gondorians into Minas Tirith. The orc is later seen cheering for the arrival of Grond, and then moves into the city, killing many Gondorians. He later goes with Guritz and Murgash to meet the Corsairs of Umbar, but instead they meet Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Outnumbering the three, the orcs prepare to take them on, however the Army of the Dead then appear and kill them all. In the Middle Earth Role-playing Game, he is given the name `Aarlok`, though this is not canon.


Uruk Lieutenant (Siege of Gondor)

Uruk Lieutenant (Siege of Gondor) was an Uruk captain serving under Gothmog during the Siege of Gondor. He stood by Murgash during the attack, and was later killed by the charging Rohirrim. He had a white beard and long, white hair. In the Middle Earth Role-playing Game, he is given the name `Argdush`, though this is not canon.

Unnamed Orc Warrior (Siege of Gondor) (The return of the King) was an Orc warrior who served in Sauron's army during the War of the Ring.

In the year TA 3019, he was among the Orcs that fought in the Second Battle of Osgiliath against Faramir's battalion and managed to takeover the ruined city and use it as their base. Days later, he participated in the Siege of Minas Tirith, but did not enter the city when 6000 Rohirrim riders arrived at the first set of dawn. Set to engage, he perished in the battle, killed by Gandalf when he attacked the wizard and Pippin.

Attack Troll

Unnamed Olog-hai Chieftain on the battlefield.

He was one of the biggest Olog-hai from Minas Morgul. During the War of the Ring, he led the Olog-hai and Mountain-trolls in the Siege of Gondor. He was also the first Troll to enter the gate and crush a number of Gondorian soldiers. As hundreds of Orcs entered the city and supported the Trolls, he continued to kill several more Gondor troops, but in the end he was killed by Gandalf, who stabbed him in the belly.


The Corsair Captain in The Return of the King film.

"Who are you to deny us passage?"
The Corsair Captain to Aragorn.

During the War of the Ring, Corsair Captain and the corsairs were on route to Harlond after overrunning Pelargir with intentions of further raids on Gondor and to aid the forces of Mordor in the battle. While crossing the Anduin river, Corsair Captain and the Corsairs of Umbar were confronted by Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. When Aragorn warns the Corsairs not to enter Gondor, Corsair Captain refused, and said that he cannot deny that passage. He was eventually killed when Aragorn summons the Army of the Dead to obliterate him and the Corsairs.

Aragorn says to the Corsairs "You may go no further. You will not enter Gondor". Legolas and Gimli kill the Corsair captain's friend, which was meant to fly past the captains ear by Aragorn's command. The Dead then attack the corsairs and the captain is killed along with all the other corsairs off screen.

Middat F´rtena

Unnamed Corsair Captain

During the War of the Ring, he and the Corsairs, along with their leader, were confronted by Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. When Aragorn warns the Corsairs not to enter Gondor, he and the corsairs refused. Just as Aragorn summons the Army of the Dead, he was among those killed.

Screen shot 2010-03-25 at 2.52.43 PM

The Corsair Lieutenant in The Return of the King film

The Corsair Lieutenant appeared on board a ship next to the Corsair Captain. When Aragorn said that the Corsairs "will not enter Gondor," the Corsair Lieutenant laughed. While Corsair Lieutenant was laughing, Aragorn told Legolas to fire a warning shot, just past the Corsair Bo Sun. The shot hit the Corsair Lieutenant, due to Gimli's axe lightly hitting the bow, angering the Corsair Bo Sun. The Corsairs were all killed by the Army of the Dead.

The Corsair Lieutenant was not given a canonical name but a fansite known as the Middle-Earth Encyclopedia named him "Pete the Pirate" based on Peter Jackson's real name (Pete) and his role (the Pirate).[17]


Unnamed Corsair henchman

Krêl Banid

Unnamed Corsair henchman

During the War of the Ring, he and the Corsairs, along with their leader, were confronted by Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. When Aragorn warns the Corsairs not to enter Gondor, he and the corsairs refused. Just as Aragorn summons the Army of the Dead, he was among those killed in the onslaught.


Orc Raid Commander

Olog hai troll

Unnamed Olog-hai

In TA 3019, he had commanded the Olog-hai in the Battle of the Black Gate, the final battle in the War of the Ring. He killed several Men of Gondor and Rohirrim in the battle, due to his sword ability. He engaged Aragorn in a fierce duel. He charged at Aragorn four times while Aragorn charged once and he hit Andúril with all his strength and Aragorn fell to the ground because of the force of the Troll’s hit. Before Aragorn could get up, he kicked Aragorn with his foot and was stabbed in the foot with Aragorn’s dagger. Before he could finish off Aragorn, The One Ring fell in the Cracks of Doom. He was the first to notice Sauron's defeat, and fled the Black Gate. His actual fate is unknown.

  • According to the special features in the extended edition of The Return of the King, Aragorn was originally to have dueled Sauron, who would have remanifested his physical form in order to challenge him. However, it was decided that this confrontation would have departed too greatly from the Lord of the Rings books and that it would have been too much about Aragorn's personal honor; thus, Sauron was removed and substituted with the troll.

No-Nosed orc in The Return of the Ring film

  • "No Nose" was an Orc inspector seen in the extended version of The Return of the King. He noticed disguised orcs Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee while they made their way to Barad-dûr during the Quest of the Ring. His fate is unknown but it is likely that he was slain during the Battle of the Morannon.
  • Orc captain was an Orc from Mordor who lead the Orcs to The Black Gate. He used the whip to make the Orcs walk faster, because they've probably been late to the battle. When he sees two Orcs are sitting down (Frodo and Sam), he whips them to get up. When Frodo and Sam escape, he and the other Orcs continue. He was most likely killed in onslaught of the Battle of the Black Gate.

    The Orc Captain during the Battle of the Morannon in The Return of the Ring film

Ralph Bakshi's The Lord of the Rings

  • The same Unnamed Uruk-hai leader was in Ralph Bakshi's version of the films. In the film, he is portrayed as an Uruk-hai with a horned helmet and is the only one of the Uruk-hai soldiers on a horse. He is shown in a few scenes as Saruman's army marches on Helm's Deep before the actual battle starts. Later on, he is seen in another scene mid-battle and another one when the battle is drawing to its conclusion.
  • In Ralph Bakshi's version, the Cave Troll of Moria had a very small part. It was seen only partly as it attempted to come trough the battered doors; it bore resemblance to the Swamp Thing, a plant elemental in the DC Comics' universe. Unlike in Peter Jackson's version the troll gets stabbed in the foot by Frodo as the latter cried: "For the Shire!"

Video games

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

  • The Unnamed Uruk-hai warrior that ordered Saruman's armies into battle, is also seen briefly in Two Towers video game and is named "Thrugg". Unlike in the movies however, he is seen wearing the helmet of a Berserker.

The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game

  • The Unnamed Uruk-hai warrior appears in the Isengard Sourcebook, released by Decipher Inc.. Although in the Sourcebook, they're talking about an Half-orc, not a true Uruk-hai, called "Móg". In the game Móg is Saruman's primary commander, so we have reason to suspect they are the same people.


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