Linhir was a port town in the province of Lebennin in southern Gondor.

Linhir was the second largest city in Lebennin. It lay on the confluence of the rivers Gilrain and Serni and was a significant port. A road stretching from Erech all the way down into Harad also passed through the town.[1]

During the War of the Ring, the Men of Lamedon led by Angbor, the Lord of Lamedon, were attacked here by the Corsairs. As the battle raged, Aragorn, along with the Grey Company and the Army of the Dead, arrived. The attackers fled before them, and the Men of Lamedon also ran, all save for Angbor.[citation needed]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic لنهير
Armenian Լինհիր
Belarusian Cyrillic Лінхір
Bengali লিনহির
Bulgarian Cyrillic Линхир
Chinese 林何
Georgian ლინჰირ
Greek Λινχίρ
Gujarati લિન્હિર
Hebrew לינהיר
Hindi लिनहिर
Japanese リンヒル
Kannada ಲಿನ್ಹಿರ್
Korean 린 히르
Macedonian Cyrillic Линхир
Marathi लिनहिर
Nepalese ळिन्हिर
Persian لینهیر
Russian Линхир
Serbian Линхир (Cyrillic) Linhir (Latin)
Sinhalese ලින්හීර්
Tamil லின்ஹிர்
Telugu లిన్హిర్
Ukrainian Cyrillic Лінгір
Yiddish לינהיר


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