Letter 94 is the ninety-fourth letter of The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Tolkien was cheerful that Christopher had sent numerous letters. His child preferred it despite the fact that it appeared to have added to his nostalgia. Tolkien remarked that it simply demonstrated the contrast in the middle of life and writing. Anybody really in Kirith Ungol (Early name for Cirith Ungol) would wish to trade it for whatever other place on the planet, spare Mordor itself. One thing that writing taught was that we have in us an everlasting component, free from consideration and trepidation, ready to review life and shrewdness with tranquility. He numberd it a triumph that the two last sections could occupy his child from the clamor of the Air Crew Room!

The climate was one of the boss occasions of Christmas. An overwhelming mist had solidified and made hoarfrost, for example, he could just recall three times before in his life. A standout amongst the most dazzling occasions of Northern nature, said Tolkien, depicting the faint quiet dim world with gems of rime, bound netted webs, and precious stone examples. The following day the sun turned out and all was amazingly delightful. In the moonlight it was a dream of a different universe or time.

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