Letter 83 is the eighty-third letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.

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Tolkien felt well off, such as discovering an overlooked sway in a pocket, not on account of he had gotten £51 for showing Cadets but since he had a week prior to the following term. He and Charles Williams had gone to Bird and B. what's more, met Jack and Warnie. While fascinated in discussion Tolkien saw an interesting tall emaciated man half in khaki with a substantial cap, brilliant eyes, and a snared nose sitting in a corner. He was taking an extraordinary enthusiasm for their discussion and to Tolkien it was all that much like Trotter at the Prancing Pony.

When he imposed upon their discussion he was uncovered as Roy Campbell. C.S. Lewis had not very far in the past savagely ridiculed him in the Oxford Magazine. Tolkien was satisfied to observe that Campbell needed to meet Lewis and himself. At a night meeting two evenings later, Lewis demanded perusing his parody of Campbell to him and he dismissed it. Tolkien said the man himself was tender, unassuming, and merciful. He was most intrigued to discover that this old-looking, war-scarred Trotter was 9 year more youthful than himself.

Campbell let them know of his undertakings. Initially a Ulster protestant he had turned into a Catholic in the wake of protecting Carmelite fathers in Barcelona. They were gotten and Campbell about lost his life. Be that as it may, he got the Carmelite files from the blazing library and took them through Red region. Campbell communicated in Spanish smoothly and had been an expert matador. He battled for Franco and pursued the Reds out of Malaga, recouping their left-behind plunder. Being devoted he had battled for the British Army since. He had stories about artists and performers, from Peter Warlock to Aldous Huxley. It was impractical to pass on an impression of such an uncommon character, officer, artist, and Christian believer.

Tolkien called C.S. Lewis' responses odd. It was a tribute to Red purposeful publicity that Lewis trusted every one of that was said against Franco and nothing said for him. Tolkien said that disdain for the Catholic Church is the main last establishment of the Church of England. Lewis venerates the Blessed Sacrament and appreciates nuns. Yet in the event that a Lutheran is imprisoned he is ready to fight while if Catholic clerics are butchered he distrusts it.

Tolkien urged Christopher to drift on in letters. He requested what he was thinking and outside occasions.

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