Letter 74 is the seventy-fourth letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Summary Edit

On June 22, Stanley Unwin sent Tolkien a considerable check for eminences on The Hobbit and let him realize that his child Rayner Unwin was perusing English at Oxford as a maritime cadet. Tolkien was pleased that he would have an opportunity to see Rayner. In the meantime he was lamented that the war had cleared him up. Tolkien said his most youthful child had been taken away – amidst writing and updating The Hobbit sequel and making a new map – and was currently far away and pitiable in the Orange Free State. His more established child, a harmed warrior, was at Trinity College attempting to work and recoup.

Tolkien had not composed any letters to Unwin for quite a while. He said he ought to have expressed gratitude toward him for his note and the two duplicates of The Hobbit. Albeit no work had been feasible for a year, as of late Tolkien had possessed the capacity to press ahead with the continuation of inside of sight of conclusion. He trusted Unwin still had some mellow enthusiasm for it, regardless of the paper deficiency. Writing was troublesome and costly to have done and there was nobody to alter his when it broke. Still, he would soon present a lump of it to Unwin.

He expressed gratitude toward Unwin for the check. It would be valuable, he said, since he had vast obligations attempting to finish a family's training when war had taken away most means.

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