Letter 53 is the ffity-third letter written by J.R.R. Tolkien and published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Summary Edit

Life had been recently such a surge, to the point that Tolkien had not see C.S. Lewis or Charles Williams for quite a long time, yet there was little to report – no fun, delight, new thoughts, or even thin little jokes. All the papers had was the Teheran Ballyhoo. Tolkien was debilitated delighted that the ruthless killer Josef Stalin welcomed all countries to join to annul oppression and prejudice. Tolkien imagined that Winston Churchill resembled the greatest hoodlum in the photos.

Tolkien bemoaned that the globe was getting littler, more blunt, and compliment, anticipating American sanitation, assurance zip, woman's rights, and large scale manufacturing presented all around, which would at any rate chop down travel. Col. Knox said that one-eighth of the world communicated in "English", which Tolkien called a damn disgrace. He required the condemnation of Babel to strike all tongues and considered declining to talk anything other than Old Mercian.

Truly, Tolkien discovered Americo-cosmopolitanism startling. He was uncertain if triumph would be vastly improved for the world in general. This was the estimation of a considerable measure of society however showed no absence of patriotism. Tolkien cherished England yet not Great Britain and unquestionably not the British Commonwealth. However, were he more youthful, Tolkien figured he would be grousing in the military, willing to go to the dramatic finale, and trusting that things may turn out better for England.

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