This article is about the the elf of Gondolin. For the the Lord of the Rings character, see Legolas.


Legolas Greenleaf was a member of the House of the Tree and was one of Galdor's scouts. He escaped the Fall of Gondolin with its survivors and led them across the Cristhorn.[1] After the First Age he moved to Tol Eressëa where he remained ever after, going by the name Laiqalassë.[2]


The Legolas of Gondolin, whom Tolkien would have likely renamed, has a different etymology. His name Laiqalassë is the Quenyan rendering of the name, from the primitive Quenya words laica ("green") and lassë ("leaf").[3] The Sindarin Legolas translates to "Green-leaf" and also "Keen-sight" from leg ("keen, piercing") and last ("look, glance").[2]

Other versions of the legendarium

A character of the same name, Legolas of the Fellowship, shares the same name meaning and has superior sight in the dark.


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