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This article is about the the elf of Gondolin. For the the Lord of the Rings character, see Legolas.

Legolas was a member of the House of the Tree and was one of Galdor's scouts. He escaped the Fall of Gondolin with its survivors and led them across the Cristhorn.[1] After the First Age, he moved to Tol Eressëa where he remained ever after, going by the name Laiqalassë.[2]


The Legolas of Gondolin, whom Tolkien would have likely renamed, has a different etymology than the familiar character of The Lord of the Rings. His name Laiqalassë is the Quenya rendering of Legolas, from the primitive Quenya words laica ("green") and lassë ("leaf").[3] The Sindarin Legolas translates to "Green-leaf", and also "Keen-sight", from leg ("keen, piercing") and last ("look, glance").[2]