Lake Helevorn, by Ted Nasmith

Lake Helevorn surrounded by the Blue Mountains, as depicted by Ted Nasmith

Lake Helevorn was a deep, dark lake in Thargelion just south of Mount Rerir in the northeastern Beleriand.[1]

According to The Atlas of Middle-earth, it appeared to span around twenty miles from its west to east shoreline.[2]


After the return of the Ñoldor to Middle-earth, Caranthir, the fourth son of Fëanor, took up residence along Lake Helevorn's shorelines.[3] During the Dagor Bragollach, Glaurung the dragon polluted and defiled its waters. The lake, along with Caranthir's domain, was destroyed at the conclusion of the War of Wrath.[4]


Helevorn is a Sindarin word meaning 'Black-Glass'.[5]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Helevornmeer
Albanian Liqeni i Helevorn
Amharic ሐለቮርን ሀይቅ
Arabic بحيرة هيليفهورن
Armenian Հելեվորն լիճ
Asturian Llagu Helevorn
Azerbaijani Helevorn göl
Belarusian Cyrillic Hелеворн Возера
Bosnian Jezero Helevorn
Breton Lenn Helevorn
Bulgarian Cyrillic Хелеворн езеро
Catalan Llac Helevorn
Cebuano Lanaw Helevorn
Chinese (Hong Kong) 海萊沃恩湖
Croatian Helevorn jezero
Czech Helevorn jezero
Danish Helevornsøen
Dutch Helevornmeer
Esperanto Helevorn Lago
Estonian Järve Helevorn
Faroese Helevornvatn
Finnish Järvi Helevorn
French Lac Helevorn
Galician Lago Helevorn
Georgian ჰელევორნის ტბა
German Helevorn See
Greek Λίμνη Χελευορν ?
Hebrew ימת חיליוורנ
Hindi हेलेवोर्न झील
Hungarian Helevorn-tó
Icelandic Helevornvatn
Indonesian Danau Helevorn
Irish Gaelic Loch Helevorn
Italian Lago Helevorn
Javanese Tlaga Helevorn
Kannada ಹೆಲ್ವೊರ್ನ್ ಸರೋವರ
Kazakh Һелеворн Көл (Cyrillic) Helevorn Köl (Latin)
Korean 헤레 보른 호수
Kurdish Gola Helevorn (Kurmanji Kurdish)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Hэлэворн көл
Latin Lacus Helevorn
Latvian Helevorn Ezers
Lithuanian Helevorn Ežeras
Macedonian Cyrillic Хелеворн Езеро
Malaysian Tasik Helevorn
Marathi हायव्होर्न सरोवर
Nepalese हेलेवोर्न ताल
Norwegian Helevornsjøen
Occitan Lac Helevorn
Old English Helevornmere
Persian دریاچه حهلهوورن
Polish Jezioro Helevorn
Portuguese Lago Helevorn
Punjabi ਹੇਲੇਵੋਰ੍ਨ ਝੀਲ
Romanian Lacul Helevorn
Russian Озеро Хелеворн
Scottish Gaelic Loch Helevorn
Serbian Језеро Хелеворн (Cyrillic) Jezero Helevorn (Latin)
Slovak Helevorn jazero
Slovenian Helevorn jezero
Somalian Harta Helevorn
Spanish Lago Helevorn
Swahili Ziwa Helevorn
Swedish Helevorn sjön
Telugu హెలెవోర్న్ సరస్సు
Turkish Helevorn Gölü
Turkmen Helevorn köli
Ukrainian Cyrillic Озеро Хельворн
Urdu جھیل ہیلیوورن
Uzbek Ҳелеворн кўл (Cyrillic) Helevorn koʻl (Latin)
Vietnamese Hồ Helevorn
Welsh Llyn Helevorn
Winaray Danaw Helevorn
Yiddish חעלעװאָרן אָזערע

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