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Ladros was the name of the north-eastern corner of Dorthonion, in northern Beleriand during the First Age.

As the rest of Dorthonion, Ladros was dotted with great pine forests and steep slopes. It lay at the very border of Morgoth's realm, just south of the Anfauglith.


Before the coming of Men into the west, the Ñoldor lords Angrod and Aegnor, sons of Finarfin, ruled Dorthonion. As the land of Dor-lómin was given to the House of Hador, so was Ladros given to the House of Bëor. Boromir son of Boron, grandson of Bëor became the first Lord of Ladros.[1] He was succeeded by his son Bregor, and he by his son Bregolas. Bregolas fell during the Dagor Bragollach, and Barahir son of Bregor would have been Lord of Ladros. He never regained his lands, though, as Morgoth's forces swept through them after the battle.

The last remnant of Bëor's folk dwelt in the Highlands of Dorthonion after Morgoth conquered them, led by Barahir. Eventually they were worsted and only one, Beren son of Barahir (who would in turn have been Lord of Ladros), escaped to continue the battle against Morgoth.[citation needed]

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Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic لادروس
Armenian Լադրոս
Belarusian Cyrillic Ладрос
Bengali লাডর্স
Bulgarian Cyrillic Ладрос
Chinese (Hong Kong) 拉德羅斯
Danish Ladros ("Støvregnens Land")
Georgian ლადროსი
Greek Λάδρος
Gujarati લાડ્રોઝ
Hebrew לאדרוס
Hindi लद्रोस
Kannada ಲ್ಯಾಡ್ರೊಸ್
Kazakh Ладрос (Cyrillic) Ladros (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Ладрос
Macedonian Cyrillic Ладрос
Marathi लॅड्रोस
Mongolian Cyrillic Ладрос
Nepalese ळद्रोस
Persian لادروس
Russian Ладрос
Sanskrit ळद्रोस्
Serbian Ладрос (Cyrillic) Ladros (Latin)
Tamil லத்ரொஸ்
Telugu లద్రోసి
Thai ลาดรอส
Urdu لادراوس
Yiddish לאַדראָס