The One Wiki to Rule Them All
The One Wiki to Rule Them All

These are the chief rules and expectations of the One Wiki to Rule Them All and the sole qualifications for being blocked.

  • Users who edit articles or participate in Discussion Posts must maintain common decency: showing respect to others and refraining from adverse or targeted language. Users who engage in such language twice, having received a warning from an Administrator or Moderator the first time, will be blocked.
  • Those who participate in the Discussion Posts must read the Guidelines, which are found under the side-boxes "Welcome to the Community!" and "Feed Moderation".
  • Vandalism of articles is not allowed. As vandalism is never accidental, vandals will be blocked indefinitely. Creation of articles or adding of content wholly unrelated to J.R.R. Tolkien, Middle-earth, or fantasy counts as vandalism.
  • Understanding English and the basic rules of its grammar and punctuation is expected for those who edit articles here, as this is the English Lord of the Rings wiki, and is a formal encyclopedia. There are sibling Lord of the Rings wikis for those accustomed to German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, or Dutch.
  • Editors must become familiar with the term "canon" - see LOTR:Canon for an explanation. Articles about a non-canon lore topic must have the Non-Canon template at their header.
  • Awareness of one's own Talk Page is expected for users who edit. Messages from an Administrator to an active user may be important, and should be acknowledged in some manner, as there is no "direct message" feature on Fandom.
If a user has erred persistently in many page edits, over a long period, an Administrator will leave a corrective message on their Talk Page detailing the errors they are making. If at least three of these messages go unheeded, while, however, the user continues making mistakes in the same manner, a brief block from editing is the only way for an Admin to ensure their attention to the matter. (The block will be lifted when the user acknowledges.)

For any clarification, ask a question here.

For an extensive list of the finer expectations and details on editing standards, see Current Policies.