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This page is a proposed policy on the One Wiki to Rule them All. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes and improvements to this policy.

This page is provided as a guide to the formatting of date pages.

Year Pages

Please include the following template at the bottom of each year page:


And if the major events of this year span more then two months, please also include the following template at the top:


This will provide a table of contents that will allow people to jump to an individual month easliy.


The events should be separated into three different groups:

  1. Happened sometime during that year
  2. Happened during a specific month
  3. Happened on a specific day

Any event that is stated to have happened some time during the year, but no specific date is given, should go below the table of contents, if included, in an unordered list. Next should be headers for each of the months that have events that year. Under each of these headers should be an unordered list of events that took place that month but the specific day of the month is unknown. Finally there should be a sub-header for each day of that month that has an event. The sub-header itself should be a link to the page for that day. The link should be formated so that the month does not show in the link:

===[[September 22|22]===

Then should be an unordered list of the events that happened on that day.

Mid-year's Day

Even though Mid-year's Day is not a month, it should be on the same header level as a month. This is because J.R.R. Tolkien set it apart from the months when he create the calender for Middle-earth.


Here is an example for the year TA 3019


*[[Faramir]] marries Éowyn
===[[January 15|15]]===
*The [[Fellowship of the Ring (characters)|Fellowship]] flees [[Moria]]
*[[Gandalf]] falls into [[Khazad-dûm]]
*Death of [[Boromir]]
*[[Saruman]] launches a full-scale invasion on [[Rohan]]
*[[Battle of the Hornburg]]
*Death of [[Théoden]], Seventeenth [[Kings of Rohan|King of Rohan]], at the [[Battle of the Pelennor Fields]]
*[[Éomer]] became the Eighteenth [[Kings of Rohan|King of Rohan]]
*[[Éowyn]] and [[Merry]] kill the [[Witch King]]
===[[March 25|25]]===
*Death of [[Gollum]] (Sméagol)
*The destruction of the [[One Ring]]
*Final defeat of the Dark Lord [[Sauron]].
*[[Aragorn II|Aragorn]] is crowned King Elessar of the [[Reunited Kingdom]] of [[Arnor]] and [[Gondor]]
*[[Gandalf]] helps [[Aragorn II|Aragorn]] to find the sapling of the new [[White Tree]]
==Mid-year's Day==
*[[Aragorn II|Aragorn]] marries [[Arwen|Arwen Undómiel]]
*[[Théoden|King Théoden]] is laid to rest beside other [[Kings of Rohan]] in [[Edoras]]
===[[[November 3|3]]===
*[[Battle of Bywater]]
*Death of [[Saruman]]
*Death of [[Gríma|Wormtongue]]
*End of the [[War of the Ring]]


Day Pages

Pages for an individual day should start with major reoccurring events, such as New Year's Day. For dates that are the anniversary of an event, please just include the orignal event under the year that it occured. However, if there is a major event to celebrate the anniversary of an event, that should also be included. Any event for which the year in which it occured is unknown, please include under a header of Unknown at the top of the file. For all other events, please include a header that is the year of the event, and then include a list of the events that occured in that year under the header. The year header should be a link to that year's page.


All day pages should have two categories. The first is the Dates cateogry and the second should be the category for the month of that date. Also any day that is not a two-digit day should add a pipe ("|"), then the abbreviation for the month, and lastly the day with a leading zero. This will ensure that the days are ordered properly in the category.


  • For October 24
  • For December 2
    [[Category:Dates|December 02]]
    [[Category:December|December 02]]


Here is an example for September 22

Some fans have started celebrating [[September 22|September 22nd]] as [[Hobbit Day]] by having parties.

==[[TA 2890]]==
*Birth of [[Bilbo Baggins]].

==[[TA 2968]]==
*Birth of [[Frodo Baggins]].

==[[TA 3001]]==
*[[Bilbo Baggins|Bilbo's]] 111th birthday party.
*[[Bilbo Baggins|Bilbo]] left the [[Shire]].

==[[TA 3018]]==
*The [[Black Rider]]s reach the borders of the [[Shire]].

==[[TA 3019]]==
*[[Saruman]] enters the [[Shire]].

==[[TA 3021]]==
*[[Bilbo Baggins|Bilbo]], [[Gandalf]], [[Elrond]], [[Galadriel]] and [[Frodo Baggins|Frodo]] leave [[Middle-earth]] for the [[Undying Lands]].
*The [[Fourth Age]] began.