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Job list- The job list provides users with editing ideas if you're stuck for something to do. It gives examples like:

  • Stubs, where we always have small articles that need more information and research.
  • Rewrites, where you can help add eloquent prose to tacky articles.
  • Cleanup, where you can tidy up a page's appearance, and make overblown edits more concise.
  • Orphaned Pages, where you can help lonely pages make new friends. Interlink these pages with complementary pages and check that they are in all appropriate categories.

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User Information

Article Attack
Main Project Page: LOTR:Article Attack

This month's article is: List of Minor Battles in Middle-earth
The article attack award is a new way to encourage contributors to enhance pages in great need of work and detail. The user who contributes the best edits will be awarded the Article Attack Award.

Main Help Page: Help Contents

As with many other MediaWiki projects, "Help" has a separate namespace (and related talkspace) all to itself. Start at Help:contents, and if any subject is getting a bit long move it (leaving link) to another "Help:..." page (easier to type than "LOTR:Help:..."). There may be a corresponding page at Central Wikia or the Starter Wikia, which may be copied or linked to.

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