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Job list- The job list provides users with editing ideas if you're stuck for something to do. It gives examples like:

  • Stubs, where we always have small articles that need more information and research.
  • Rewrites, where you can help add eloquent prose to tacky articles.
  • Cleanup, where you can tidy up a page's appearance, and make overblown edits more concise.
  • Orphaned Pages, where you can help lonely pages make new friends. Interlink these pages with complementary pages and check that they are in all appropriate categories.

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Main Help Page: Help Contents

As with many other MediaWiki projects, "Help" has a separate namespace (and related talkspace) all to itself. Start at Help:contents, and if any subject is getting a bit long move it (leaving link) to another "Help:..." page (easier to type than "LOTR:Help:..."). There may be a corresponding page at Central Wikia or the Starter Wikia, which may be copied or linked to.

see the old community portal here

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