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LEGO Dimensions is a LEGO videogame in which elements from LEGO The Lord of the Rings cross over with other LEGO properties. The starter pack features Gandalf as one of the original playable characters.

It was developed by Traveller's Tales and released for Wii U, PlayStation 3 & 4, and Xbox in 2015.

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Lord Vortech, a mysterious being of incredible power, seeks to bring order to the multiverse by merging all dimensions into one using the Foundation Elements, powerful items unique to each world. One of these proves to be the One Ring, which prompts Vortech to abduct Frodo Baggins from Moria just as Gandalf has fallen from the Bridge of Khazad-dûm with Durin's Bane. Gandalf, having been rescued by Batman, joins forces with the Dark Knight and Wyldstyle, who have likewise lost friends and powerful artifacts to Vortech's plot, in order to rescue Frodo and the Ring. Among their first adventures is saving the city of Metropolis, which has been invaded by Sauron in his armored form in alliance with Vortech. Upon being defeated, he is sent to Vortech's lair in the world of Foundation Prime.

Gandalf and his companions subsequently travel to Minas Tirith, which is being occupied by Vortech's forces under the leadership of The Riddler. After making their way through the city, the companions were forced to face the Riddler and Durin's Bane, which had survived it's encounter with Gandalf. Fortunately, the three were able to defeat the Balrog only for the Riddler and Gollum, who had been hanging about, to fall from the city, though they were saved by a Fellbeast.

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