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Kinslaying at Aqualonde

The first Kinslaying at Alqualondë

The Kinslaying at Alqualondë was the first slaying of Elf by Elf, and was the act that banned the Ñoldor from returning to Aman, the lands of the West, for centuries.


When Fëanor intended to leave Valinor, he needed ships to get to Middle-earth without great loss, but the Ñoldor possessed no ships, and Fëanor feared that any delay in their departure would cause the Ñoldor to reconsider. The Ñoldor, led by Fëanor and his sons, tried to persuade their friends, the Teleri of Alqualondë, to give him their ships. However, the Teleri would not help in any way against the will of the Valar, and in fact attempted to persuade their friends to reconsider and stay in Aman. Unwilling to take "no" for an answer, the Ñoldor started taking the ships and sailing them away. This angered the Teleri, and they threatened the Ñoldor with rocks and arrows, and they threw many of Fëanor's followers out of the ships and into the harbor. They also began to attempt to block the harbour; however, it is only slightly possible that the Teleri drew first blood.

The battle

Then the Ñoldor drew swords, and the Teleri their bows, and there was a bitter fight that seemed evenly matched, if not even in favor of the Teleri, until the second Host of the Ñoldor, led by Fingon, arrived together with some of Fingolfin's people. Misunderstanding the situation, they assumed the Teleri had attacked the Ñoldor under orders of the Valar, and they joined the fight.


In the end many Teleri were slain and the ships taken and many of the stolen ships were wrecked in the waves. All that continued towards Middle-earth were therefore cursed by Mandos. The act also had repercussions in Middle-earth, when the Sindar, especially those of Doriath, found out about it, costing the Ñoldor the support of the Sindar in their war against Morgoth; the Sindar King Thingol barred those of the House of Fëanor, or any others that took place in the Kinslaying, from entering his kingdom. He also forbade the use of Quenya in his domain.[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Basque Alqualondëko sarraskia
Bulgarian Cyrillic Убийството от Алквалонде
Catalan Matança d'Alqualondë
Chinese (Hong Kong) 澳闊隆迪親族相殘
Czech Alqualondské vraždění rodných
Dutch De Broedermoord bij Alqualondë
Estonian Alqualondë Sugulased tapmine
Finnish Alqualondën sukusurma
French Fratricide à Alqualondë
German Sippenmord von Alqualondë
Hebrew טבח השארים באלקוואלונדה
Irish Gaelic Marú Teaghlaigh ag Alqualondë
Italian Fratricidio al Alqualondë
Latvian Alqualondë Ģimenes slaktiņš
Lithuanian Alqualondë Šeima skerdimas
Manx Slaughtral Kynnee yn Alqualondë
Polish Bratobójstwo w Alqualondë
Portuguese Fratricídio de Alqualondë
Romanian Rude ucidere în Alqualondë
Russian Первая резня при Альквалондэ
Scottish Gaelic An Murt Teaghlach aig Alqualondë
Spanish Matanza de Alqualondë
Thai สงครามประหัตประหารญาติ (First Kinslaying)
Turkish Alqualondë'deki Akrabakıyımı
Ukrainian Cyrillic Різанина родичів на Альквалонде
Welsh Lladd Teulu yng Alqualondë


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