King of Rhovanion was a title claimed by Vidugavia, a prince of the Northmen, in the Thirteenth century of the Third Age for the rulership of the land Rhovanion.

However, even if he was the most powerful of the many Northern princes, as far as we know he never truly unified all the Northmen under his claimed kingship. Vidugavia's own realm, the "Kingdom of Rhovanion", was between Greenwood and the River Running.[1]

The validity of Vidugavia's claim on the title of 'King of Rhovanion' is far from clear. Certainly he claimed this title for himself, but in records of his time from other sources, the claim tends to be couched in rather sceptical terms. For example, Appendix A (iv) to The Lord of the Rings records, rather equivocally, that '[Vidugavia] called himself King of Rhovanion, and was indeed the most powerful of the Northern princes...' (our emphasis), while elsewhere the title tends to be given in quotation marks. There is a clear implication that his claim to Kingship was not widely accepted, but nor is it ever explicitly denied. Perhaps the suggestion is that the Kings of Gondor did not seriously consider Vidugavia a peer to their own ancient line, but were prepared to humour him with the title for political convenience.

It's also rather unclear whether the title 'King of Rhovanion' was claimed by any of Vidugavia's descendants. This question is complicated by the fact that we have no records of the potential royal line for the period between Vidugavia himself and his descendant Marhari, spanning a period of about six centuries. It is thus quite possible that Vidugavia's immediate descendants were also self-styled 'Kings of Rhovanion', but that the title later fell out of use. Marhari himself is not recorded as claiming the title, and though this is circumstantial, it certainly cannot have continued after his time. Marhari fell in the Battle of the Plains, and the loss of that battle saw the conquest of his lands by the Wainriders. The remnant of his people were driven out of their ancestral lands into the Vales of Anduin, and thus any surviving realm of Rhovanion must have come to an end at this time.

These exiles of Rhovanion would eventually give rise to the northern people known as the Men of the Éothéod. Perhaps tellingly, the Lords of these people claimed descent from the '...kings of Rhovanion...' according to Appendix II to The Lord of the Rings. The use of the plural 'kings' here suggests that Vidugavia was not the only claimant of the title.

Translations around the World Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Koning van Rhovanion
Albanian Mbreti i Rhovanion
Arabic ملك روفانويون
Armenian Րհովանիոնյի արքան
Azerbaijani Rhovanion kralı
Basque Rhovanion erregea
Belarusian Cyrillic Кароль Рованиона
Bengali রোভানিয়নের রাজা
Bosnian Kralj Rhovanion
Bulgarian Cyrillic Крал на Рхованион
Catalan Rei de Rhovanion
Cebuano Hari sa Rhovanion
Chinese 羅馬尼安之王
Cornish Myghtern a Rhovanion
Corsican Re di Rhovanion
Croatian Kralj Rhovanion
Czech Král Rhovanion
Danish Kongen af Rhovanion
Dutch Koning van Rhovanion
Esperanto Reĝo de Rhovanion
Estonian Rhovanion kuningas
Faroese Kongurin av Rhovanion
Fijian Tui ni Rhovanion
Filipino Hari ng Rhovanion
Finnish Rhovanionin kuningas
French Roi d'Rhovanion
Frisian Kening fan Rhovanion
Galician Rei de Rhovanion
German König von Rhovanion
Greek Βασιλιάς της Ροβάνιον
Gujarati ર્હોવનિઓન રાજા
Haitian Creole Wa de Rhovanion
Hebrew מלך רהוואניון ?
Hindi रहोवनिओं के राजा
Hungarian Rhovanion királya
Icelandic Konungur Rhovanion
Igbo Eze nke Rhovanion
Indonesian Kaja Rhovanion
Irish Gaelic Rí de Rhovanion
Italian Re d'Rhovanion
Javanese Raja Rhovanion
Kannada ರೋವನ್ನಿಯನ್ ರಾಜ
Kazakh Рованионның патшасы (Cyrillic) Rovanïonnıñ patşası (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Рhованион падышасы
Latin Rex Rhovanion
Latvian Rhovanion karalis
Lithuanian Rhovaniono karalius
Macedonian Cyrillic Кралот на Рхованион
Maltese Re ta 'Rhovanion
Malagasy Mpanjakan' ny Rhovanion
Malaysian Raja Rhovanion
Manx Ree Rhovanion
Norwegian Konge av Rhovanion
Persian پادشاه رووانیون ?
Portuguese Rei da Rhovanion
Romanian Rege al Rhovanion
Russian Короле Рованиона
Samoan Tupu o Rhovanion
Scottish Gaelic Rìgh Rhovanion
Serbian Краљ Рованион (Cyrillic) Kralj Rovanion (Latin)
Sesotho Morena oa Rhovanion
Slovak Kráľ Rhovanion
Slovenian Rhovanionski kralj
Somalian Boqorka reer Rhovanion
Spanish Rey de Rhovanion
Sudanese Raja Rhovanion
Swahili Mfalme wa Rhovanion
Swedish Kung av Rhovanion
Tajik Cyrillic Шоҳи Рҳованион
Tamil ற்ஹொவநிஒந் ராஜா
Telugu రవోనియన్ రాజు
Turkish Rhovanion'in Kralı
Urdu رہووانااون کے بادشاہ
Vietnamese Vua của Rhovanion
Welsh Brenin yr Rhovanion
Xhosa UKumkani waseRhovanion
Yoruba Ọba ti Rhovanion
Zulu INkosi yaseRhovanion

References Edit

  1. The Lord of the RingsAppendix A, "The Númenorean Kings", "Gondor and the Heirs of Anárion"
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