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Khand was the name of a land which lay to the south-east of Mordor and to the east of Near Harad. Almost nothing is known about Khand or its people, save that their number included Variags, who fought for Sauron's army, but nothing aside from their name is mentioned.


Khand was, at least by the Third Age, under the influence of Mordor and was known to supply it with horses.

In the year TA 1944, the Wainriders came to the south of Mordor and recruited Haradrim and Variags, using their numbers to carry out an assault on Gondor.[1] Later, in the War of the Ring, Variags marched with the forces of Sauron to Minas Tirith, and took part in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.[2]

Based on the map of the region, and its proximity to Harad, Khand was most likely a dry and barren land covered in desert. Its geography is little-known, although it could either constitute dry grassland or sandy desert.


The meaning of Khand is unknown. However, khand is a word meaning "realm" in India, according to The Thain's Book Website[3], for instance in the usage of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, literally meaning "Northern Realm".



Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic خانت
Armenian Խանդ
Azerbaijani خاندا (South)
Bengali খান্ড
Bishnupriya খান্ড
Chinese 侃德
Danish Khand ("Det Nordlige Orientalske Land")
Georgian ხანდი
Greek Κχάντ
Gujarati ખંડ
Hebrew קהאנד
Hindi खंड
Japanese ハンド
Kannada ಖಾಂಡ್
Kazakh Ханд (Cyrillic) Xand (Latin)
Korean 칸드
Macedonian Cyrillic Канд
Marathi खंड
Mongolian Cyrillic Ханд
Nepalese खण्ड
Newari खण्ड
Russian Кханд
Sanskrit खन्द्
Serbian Кханд (Cyrillic) Khand (Latin)
Sinhalese ඛන්ඩ්
Tamil க்ஹந்த்
Telugu ఖండ్
Thai คานด์
Ukrainian Cyrillic Кханду
Urdu کھنڈ
Yiddish כאַנד
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