Khand was the name of a land which lay to the south-east of Mordor and to the east of Near Harad. Almost nothing is known about Khand or its nomadic people. "Variags" (men of Khand) fought for Sauron's army, but nothing aside from their name was mentioned.

History Edit


Khand’s situation in Middle-earth.

Khand was under the influence of Mordor and supplied it with horses, and twice came into the history of Gondor: first in the year TA 1944 when the Variags together with the Wainriders attacked Gondor, and later during the War of the Ring when they fought and died on the Pelennor Fields. While this is not directly said in the literature, it is probable that Khand gradually fell under the control of Gondor during the Fourth Age and was hostile to it no longer.

Based on the map of the region, and its proximity to Harad, Khand was most likely a dry and barren land covered in desert. Its geography is little-known, although it could either constitute dry grassland or sandy desert.

Etymology Edit

The name is possibly something in the language of the indigenous population. Also, Khand is a word that means "realm" in India, according to The Thain's Book Website[1], for instance in the usage of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, literally meaning "Northern Realm".

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Armenian Խանդ
Bengali খন্ড
Gujarati ખંડ
Hindi खंड
Kannada ಖಾಂಡ್
Marathi खंड
Mongolian Cyrillic Ханд
Nepalese खण्ड
Russian Кханд
Sanskrit खन्द्
Sinhalese කන්දි
Tamil க்ஹந்த்
Telugu ఖండ్
Thai คานด์
Ukrainian Cyrillic Кханду

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